Aamir Khan promotes female feticide

Shocked? Baffled? Fail to believe you ears? Well, as it is famous saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction” and the recent turn of events just validates this statement.

Aamir Khan, the famous and legendary actor of Bollywood who carries nicknames like “The Perfectionist” and has the reputation of delivering some of the finest films and finest performances in his 20 odd years of film career has ruined his reputation and under the name of “Satyamev Jayate”, he is spreading fear and rumors in the society.

Why this drama of female feticide – issue raised in the first episode of Satyamev Jayate – is false and a hoax?

Female Feticide is a very big hoax propagated by feminists and believed by the anti-male society. Feminists have created this hoax so that they get a very reasonable excuse to unleash their male hatred and get anti-male unconstitutional laws passed.

What is never brought to light is the fact that the natural birth ratio is 950:1000 i.e. for every 950 females there will be 1000 males. The recent most Census data (2001) says the overall gender ratio is 933:1000 which is not at all bad considering the gory picture that feminists depict about women in India.

In fact in many states it is more than the natural average. And if the national average is less than the natural ratio, then for that feminists are responsible.

They have spread so much lies in the society regarding the false vulnerability of women that it is but natural for people to refrain from having a girl child. Who would want to have a girl child if someone tells them that there are 80% chances that she will be raped, molested, kicked, killed, harassed and tortured?

However, that’s not the truth. The truth is that is the male children, the boys and the men who take more risks and get killed, kidnapped, harassed 3 times more compared to girls.

Moreover, a daughter cannot be enforced with responsibility (Section 125 CrPC); only a son can be enforced. So, for those parents who do not have a son, old age is a curse if their daughter refuses to take care of them.

Why would not one prefer a son on whom responsibility can be enforced in the old age?

And if this enforcement of responsibility is rationalized across the genders, it will actually improve the gender ratio. However, the feminists do not want this as this will kill the issue and they would stop getting funds in its name and essentially that would kill their movement and the very purpose of their existence would vanish.

Feminists never want to solve any issues of women, all they want to do is, use those issues to blackmail the society and create such avenues that transfer effort-free and tax-free wealth/money/property from the man to the woman. And it is the anti-male attitudes of society that allows the feminists to operate unabated and continue in the spree to spread venom against men be it their fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, boyfriends or whosoever being a male around them.

Where Aamir Khan failed?

Aamir Khan failed in comprehending men, especially husbands. If, he was so concerned about the issue of abortion, he could have very well taken a pro-life and anti-abortion stand. There was absolutely no reason for him to genderize the issue and give it the tag-name of “Female Feticide” and participate in becoming a vehicle for spreading male hatred in an already anti-male society.

There are news he is going to meet the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Hence, it is very clear that he is just laying the foundation of his political career as he knows his days in the film world might be over in a couple of years and he may need something else to survive. What better than politics and what more a politically correct method of entering than this one?

What he ignored are many facts like,

  1. Male mortality rate is high.
  2. Many male abortions are passed off as female abortions.
  3. Abortion of male children is a reality.
  4. There are communities that systematically eliminate 90% of the male children born, as they engage in sex trade and do not need so many males. Only 10% are enough to run the business and rest prefer female children.
  5. Every time an abortion takes place, it’s not female feticide and it’s not the fault of the husband.
  6. There are enough women who engage in adultery and then abort the children conceived out of extra-marital sex. All these abortions are passed off as female feticide irrespective of their gender.

And last but not the least:

By doing this show and by becoming a vehicle of feminism, Aamir Khan has turned out to be the biggest promoter of female feticide.

He is using his fan-following and credibility for a rumor to be spread that a girl child is vulnerable. Tomorrow, if his fan says, I don’t want a daughter because Aamir said “it’s dangerous to have a daughter”, who will be responsible for that?

Celebrities must be very cautious about the partisan stands they take.

Not sure of the repercussions of this show, but one thing is sure. Aamir lost one fan today.


25 thoughts on “Aamir Khan promotes female feticide

  1. A well-written blog … though i must add;

    The programme is a case of irresponsible journalism and also unconsitutional … Using the title “Satyamev Jayate” (Truth Prevails), he is implying that the accounts furnished by the women in the show are true, even though the matters are sub-judice. In addition, he has chosen not to give the opposite party a right to defend himself / herself but rather maligned the husband & his family without any iota of proof. No journalist or responsible citizen can publish a single-sided account without verifying the facts and at least giving a chance to the accused to defend himself / herself. In case the husband & his families are acquitted by court tomorrow, would he publicly issue an apology. We have all seen the verdict on Neetu’s false 498 a & dowry case, however, the excruciating pain & harassment & life-threatening embarassment faced by the “victim” will never be compensated. What if i pay Shahrukh Khan to bring Aamir Khan’s ex-wife to state that Aamir Khan is a sexual pervert, would he appreciate that ??????

    Aamir must publicly apologize to the “victims” and immediately desist from such irrresponsible journalism.

  2. Does “Satyamev Jayate” have a feedback section (e-mail) where protests against the programme & irresponsible journalism can be communicated to the producers ?

  3. Aamir Khan has shown the wrong side of Female Feoticide just to gain sympathy for women with false propaganda and thus supported the Opportunist feminism and not Humanitarian feminism. Why the story of the other side not covered.?We can very well guess that the show Satyamev Jayte will only promote feminism and spread misandry (male-hatred) in the society as is the practice of the TV channels. According to Rule 6(2) Cable TV regulation Rules 1994 no woman should be projected in a negative manner yet in every tv soap the mother-in-law(husband,s)is projected in a negative roll , a monster and a demon .and thus poisoning the minds of the viewers. when will the media understand that besides young wives and daughters-in-law there are men, husbands , old women and senior citizens who too are victims of young empowered women.The women organisations are getting free funds by presenting wrong datas and thus the money is further used to propagate such misleading facts through the print and electronic media

  4. go to a remote village and you will be fully aware of entire scenario …….parents seek son’s and not daughter

    i have myself listen to such parents

    • And who is responsible for that? Its the people and society like you who has imposed all responsibilities on poor sons and daughters just enjoy the privileges for being a female. I am quite sure you have read/understood the article at all since your mind is clouded with misandry.

    • “go to a remote village and you will be fully aware of entire scenario ”
      And in villages they say, go to cities. You are confused. Feminists arguments are always like this.

      “i have myself listen to such parents” What someone speaks depends on the listener too. They told you something, which probably you wanted to hear.

  5. ok……..
    that means something is wrong…….because of people like me (ok)

    that’s what he(AAMIR) is saying

    people and society (like me ) is responsible for that..

    but how you can say that these things doesn’t exists by presenting the 950:1000 ratio

    fact is that still such things happen (because of people like me ,as you said)

    • Problem is with the gender bias with which such things are presented. For everything, husband and his family is held responsible. As if, all husbands have descended from a criminal family and all wives have descended from raja harishchandra family.

      Abortion can happen due innumerable reasons – accident, medical complications, genetic complications. But all these abortions are passed off as female feticide. Then this excuse is used to create anti-male laws wherein innocent men are treated worse than criminals and a woman’s word is taken as granted (why, because women are killed in female feticide, so let us all believe her).

      No one talks of male feticide, lesser life expectancy of males, higher suicides by men, higher stress on men, all financial responsibility on man only (even if wife is earning) and for these kind of false propaganda, people call it a movement and then there are blind people like you who want to believe everything.

      Why was no husband called on the show? Do you know, one of the women on the show had implicated her husband and in-laws in false dowry case because they confronted her when she was getting miscarriage after 4-5 months of pregnancy and it was a medical condition she hid from her husband and in-laws. And now, she is creating false propaganda on national television about female feticide. Bullshit.

      Shame on this society that stops questioning when a woman starts crying. Just because a woman is complaining does not mean she is innocent and tortured. The society treats men as disposable entities and takes women’s complaints much more seriously than it actually should and in that process spread male hatred.

      And yes, female feticide is a myth because it never happens the way it is presented. Husbands are not responsible for that. Only and only women, feminists and their supporters (male haters like you) are responsible for that.

      Before talking of great things, spend some time in doing research and ground level work and get to know the reality (Not the falsity presented in media).

      And yes, I stand by it, You have not read/understood the article and you won’t till you read it from your misandrous prism of thoughts.

      • “Before talking of great things, spend some time in doing research and ground level work and get to know the reality (Not the falsity presented in media). ”

        Very Well Said.
        Any idiot comes, and starts talking as if he is some great Mahatma.

    • Roy, do you know the other side? Do you know how many cases of male infanticide have happened? Nobody is saying that female infanticide should be there. Everybody is against the propaganda of feminists that breeds hatred of men

  6. Please correct you comment dated 9 may 2012
    “i am quite sure you have NOT read/understand the article at all since you mind is clouded with misandry”

  7. roy,

    if you a girl and if in case, your parents decided to willfully terminate in pregnancy, your case of willful abortion is totaled into female foeticide.

    now, repeat the above sentence and replace the words “girl” with “boy”.

    yes, you are right in the correction, ““i am quite sure you have NOT read/understand the article at all since you mind is clouded with misandry”

  8. 1.I AM A BOY and probably i am not the so called ” male hater”

    2.Whatever was shown was nearly true
    this things happen in the society , specially in rural society…..

    3.who is responsible???

    mostly mother in laws are responsible…..who says only husband??

    but yes there are many such husbands who are responsible…

    4.ofcourse i am not the so called MAHATMA …. not many people are mahatma(^_^)

    5.i am a b.tech student.
    there are about 30(not exact) girl’s compare to 90 (not exact )boys in our stream(CSE)

    and please don’t say

    °°”counting requires ground working”
    °°”you counted what you wanted to count”

    etc etc

    and the story is same in other streams and other colleges also

    6.again ,only few female school mates are persuing higher education after +2

    how 5 and 6 is possible if there is no discrimination in the society??

    I know that the sample taken is too small
    but i gives a bit of idea

    • You are a B.Tech student. You are far-far away from reality. If there are more boys, it simply means boys are far better in performance than girls because girls get so many advantages and still they don’t perform. Girls get pampered like anything. Despite all odds, boys make it to colleges and perform. Now, IIT has double the fees for boys and form is free for girls. Ever since history, its the men who have explored and ventured into unknown areas, made them safer and then women enter it and immediately start making demands.

      And then there are male feminists like you who fail to see the reality. There has been so many reservations for women in the name that their numbers are less and one such demand was placed for boys (St. Stephens School, Delhi) because number of boys was less, it met so much of resistance that it was taken back. And the society was happily celebrating it.

      And when you say mother-in-law or husband are responsible, you are a MALE HATER. And when you believe a woman’s word blindly, you are a MALE HATER. This entire society is anti-male, including men, which includes you and that makes you the enemy of men’s rights movement.

      If you are not with us, you are against us.

      What you failed to notice is that there are more number of women in arts/medical science? Why no one talks of that?

      And if women want an easy life, then why blame men for the same? Why discriminate men by creating reservation for women? And if reservations are created where number of women is less, why not create similar reservations for men where their number is less? Why such proposals are met with stiff resistance and blackmailing?

      Being a male, you never thought of how men get exploited, discriminated, tortured and harassed and have nowhere to go. No one thinks about high number of suicides by men, less life expectancy of men, no budget allocated for male welfare. Everyone only talks of women. For centuries, we are talking of uplifting women and still they don’t get uplifted (seemingly), so the problem lies either with women or with upliftment. Either ways, price is paid by men.

      And for that, men like you are responsible. You are responsible for the 62000 husbands that commit suicide every year because you never asked the society and the Government,

      1. Why no men welfare?
      2. Why abuse of men?
      3. Why discrimination against men?

    • >> 1.I AM A BOY and probably i am not the so called ” male hater”

      Your words clearly show you ass MALE HATER, since that is what you are spitting.

      >> 2.Whatever was shown was nearly true
      >> this things happen in the society , specially in rural society…..

      Simply your saying so, is not going to change the real ground reality. People in cities say, it happens in rural area, while those in rural areas say, it happens in cities.
      I think you didn’t watched the program well, and are just shooting in thin air, and contradicting yourself.

      >> 3.who is responsible???

      It is clearly written in the article. Please re-read with an open mind.

      >> 5.i am a b.tech student. etc etc ……..

      And what does that tells ? That you are ignorant to the reality.

      >> 6.again ,only few female school mates are persuing higher education after +2

      Kindly read the news about St.Stephens college (New Delhi).
      In higher educations, the ratio of females in increasing.
      When the ratio is in favor of females, it is dubbed as victory for womens empowerment. But when it goes against their favor, females are given reservation. This is called hypocrisy.

      • It is useless debating with you since you have a mass mentality being a B tech student does,nt mean you are intelligent enough to understand the real truth . Have you tried to find the story of the opposite side? The answer is no. there are innumerable cases where a woman who is unable to conceive or an adulterous woman with an illegal pregnancy puts the blame on the in-laws in order to cover her crime We are not talking randomly like you but our arguments are baised on a strong survey and data. Try to have a deep-rooted study before giving your views and in order to do that you have to be a class and the mass.

  9. the fact’s shown on the show was also collected from sources (strong survey and data) they believed to be reliable

    you are presenting the data from the sources you believe to be reliable …..

    which one to be believed is upto the individual

    you are complaining that male feticide was ignored during the show when they were talking about female feticide

    when you talk about male feticide you totally ignore fact’s on female feticide

    so don’t complain……… please!!!!!!!

    if show was taking the side of females

    you are taking the side of males

    actually it’s difficult to be neutral

    most of us is either acidic or basic

    i don’t think you are female hater

    instead i believe that you support male dominance in the society

    i don’t want female dominance

    but i support a neutral society where all individuals are equal irrespective of gender , caste .religion . community . etc etc

    i know I cannot do much for sure

    but WE can do much

    • Do you know that one of the complainants talking of abortion has actually some genetic problem and so she face3d a miscarriage every time she was pregnant and just to cover up her defects she is creating a false story of female foeticide and blaming the in-laws . for your kind information one of our members has met her husband before the episode and he has given the actual reason of the inability of the woman to conceive which fact she has hidden . how can you believe that the other two are also saying the truth. Ti is blind believers like you who just trust their eyes and do not go beyond that to know the ultimate truth because of which the media is benefiting in promoting false and manipulated stories as there are people like you who like to watch such nuisance.

    • Yes it is people like you who believe the media to such an extent that they think media cannot lie. Media is the biggest liar and mostly prints false news, covers up truth, fudges statistics and misleads society. Fools like you who talk a lot in thin air without research support such media. Do you know that 100% of dowry cases filed are false and its the biggest ever lie propagated by the media?

      And its male haters like you who will believe any cock-and-bull story of a woman but subject a man to judgmental attitudes.

      Its because of you that corruption exists, because you have so much faith on the system.

      What you can do? And you are talking of gender neutral society? Hahahahaahaham makes me laugh at your stupidity you stupid idiot. You don’t even have an idea of how female dominance is already going on in the society? Everything happens only as per a woman’s choice.
      If she wishes, its love, if he wishes, its lust.
      If she approaches, its relationship, if he approaches, its flirting.
      If she demands, its her right, if he demands, he is chauvinistic.
      If she abuses, she is defensive, if he abuses, he is abusive.

      What male dominance are you talking of?

      Yes, there are certain areas where males dominate like,

      1. Suicide
      2. Taking risks
      3. Doing all dangerous and menial jobs.

      What the fuck do females rather than just cribbing and blaming men? And it is because of pussy-lickers like you that crimes by women are covered and men are falsely accused for the same.

      Shame on you.

      Go get your basics clear first before talking of morally high stuff like gender-neutrality. Just writing the word does not mean you understand it, you moron.

  10. Excellent. You have just stolen my words. I have exactly same thoughts and infact more than what you have mentioned. I was also a great fan of Amir Khan, but after his show ‘Satyameva Jayate’ he is out of my list. Aborting a child whether male or female is a sin unless there is a valid reason(aborting a child out of marriage is not a valid reason). Amir khan never considered any topics where thousands of men in India have commited suicide and suffering along with their siblings who could be male or female due to men hatred laws in India. He had boosted more hatred towards men where men are already treated as born criminals. The statistics of Domestic violence against women which he mentioned to be 50% is totally wrong, I can challenge him for this. (It may be a mistake of his teachers where they were not able to educate him well about calculation). When he could telecast everything in womens favour showing that men are the cause for all the crimes, why does he forget about the laws like 498a, DV etc. which are being widely misused and those laws which were meant to protect women are actually having negative impact on the society. The geniune victims of Dowry hardly make use of this law and only those shameless women who have been having adultry and have been having illicit physical relationship with many men before and after marriage or who are in greed of money are filing such false cases, when they are caught red handed or when they are divorced. And such women who misuse the laws are never punished. Misusing a law is a severe crime. Criminals are to be punished and so the miusers of 498a, DV and any other laws. The moment strict punishment is applied to whoever misuses the law, 90% of the false cases will be stopped immediately.

    • Amir Khan is a dropout from high school. So his thinking is just limited to a brain of a schoolboy. He is just trying to make his political career by helping those feminist bitches and propagating false messages. 100 % agree to your point that the real victims hardly make use of these laws & laws should be amended in such a way that it is gender neutral and have harsh punishments equivalent to the punishments given for the alleged crime. Also there are punishments for lying and producing fake evidences in the court. I wonder why women doing such things are let free, just because of their gender??? My lifelong experience tells that woman are human beings, just like us. So if men can lie, so can women. We have to take these issues with iron fist. Respect good women and not the crooked ones.

  11. Who is this idiot writing wish his mother had aborted him.then v wud hav beleived male foeticide.please give ur name and picture rather than hiding behind the net.surely women would like to c this monster and if ur really bold enough then show urself to society with as much confidence as ur stating.
    I wud love to c the consequences u wud face.

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