PRESS RELEASE : The International Association of Masculinists’ denounces India’s new gender biased divorce laws




The International Association of Masculinists’ denounces India’s new gender biased divorce laws.


The International Association of Masculinists‘ ( Masculinists.Net ) is a Men’s Rights Organization serving tens of thousands of Masculinist Activists around the world with more than two thousand in India alone. It provides numerous resources for the Global Community of Masculinists and it is dedicated to creating a world where Men are seen as worthy of kindness, respect and love.

India’s new gender biased divorce laws:

India has just seen tabled before the Cabinet, an amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act entitled Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2010. This bill sets human rights in India back decades and perhaps hundreds of years. Masculinists spoke against this bill as far back as 2010 informing the Indian Government of the gross degrees of misandry ( hatred of males ) this bill supports. Among the more disgusting forms of misandry this bill would enact we find the following:

1. A wife may oppose a husband’s filing for divorce at any time.

2. A husband is restrained however from opposing his wife’s filling for divorce.

3. Courts are given great freedom to decide that a husband’s property should be granted to his wife, perhaps leaving the husband impoverished. Many Indian courts are corrupt and there have been reports about the Indian Judiciary being incompetent.

4. No such option is granted to provide a wealthier wife’s property to an impoverished husband.

5. The anti-male clause entitled ‘Financial Security of Women’ restrains courts from granting divorce unless adequate moneys are paid to the wife.

6. This creates an unlawful system of Dowry wherein the husband is now paying his wife, something forbidden by Indian law.

7. This law is thoroughly gender biased because specifically ignores all issues of Men’s rights, yet provides special consideration for women’s rights.

The International Association of Masculinists’ has long repudiated gender biased laws which favor one gender over another. The Governing Body of the Association therefore denounces this gender biased and anti-male bill and promises that we will dedicate our resources to expose this corruption, inform our membership globally and encourage our activists to assist their Indian Brothers in confronting this misandry (hatred of males).

Statement of Masculinists.Net to our Indian Brotherhood:

We, The International Association of Masculinists, stand united with you, our Indian Brothers, against this despotic system of gender biased tyranny at the hands of the Indian Government. We stand against and in absolute defiance of misandry in all its forms. These heinous injustices attacking Indian Men, which ignore international practice and human rights, are an attack on all Men globally. Know that we, your brothers, stand unwaveringly with you to see an end to gender biased and misandric laws such as these.

Thank You.

Governing Body of

The International Association of Masculinists

Phone: +1 440.941.4167




One thought on “PRESS RELEASE : The International Association of Masculinists’ denounces India’s new gender biased divorce laws

  1. In India some real dumb people make the laws, how can law favour the wife aren’t male’s not citizen of India don’t man deserve equalit rights.

    such laws are violation of the the constitutional rights

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