Marriage is the best employment for women?

Just have a look at this pic below. These are the demands of a wife in a maintenance case. This is how women are extorting men and courts are facilitating it as well. Do not tolerate abuse of men. Raise your voice against men being treated as “FREE ATM MACHINES”. Recently, on CNN-IBN, advocate Poornima Advani was shouting at the top of her lungs – “Do not convert marriage into employment” and was trying to uphold the sanctity of marriage while refusing to part with husband’s property. My question to her and her supporters – “If women themselves think of marriage as an easy access to luxurious lifestyle and easy money, why should men be punished for that?”


One thought on “Marriage is the best employment for women?

  1. yes you r 100 %correct. Why because when wife dont want her husband, but she wants her property and maintanance. now a days all ladies communities are shouting equal rights then if they are equal with men then why they are officially begging for husbands money and property. By begging money from husband is not a shame for a wife having equal rights.

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