Karnataka Law Commission endorses SIFF’s claims on 498A

In the year 2009, the Karnataka Law Commission had requested Save Indian Family Foundation(SIFF) to submit a report on the changes required in Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. The then SIFF  coordinators submitted the report with their findings and the same was covered in media as well. Following are the links for the same :-

Section 498A causes 4500 crore losses annually


Govt. serious over misuse of Section 498A

These articles came in 2009 October and 2009 December.

And today, there was an article in the media excerpts of which are given below,

“In an interesting statistic which may not be exactly related to dowry cases, most suicide victims in the country turn out to be men. As per National Crime Record Bureau statistics, between 2005 and 2007, about 165,528 married men have committed suicide, as against 88,121 married women……”

“The Law Commission has recommended that the government make certain amendments to these clauses, making dowry harassment cases bailable …..”

“The Commission, headed by Justice V.S. Malimath was considering a petition made by `Save Indian Families Foundation,’ which made a submission, citing eight reasons, including misuse of the provisions by women to settle scores with family members of husband……”

“Following the petition, the Law Commission had appointed senior researcher Dr S. Krishnamurthy to look into the issue and submit his findings. Dr Krishnamurthy’s report endorsed all the issues raised by the Foundation…..”

Full article is available here for download


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