Men are feeling pained with this slap – इस थप्पड़ से मर्दों को हो रहा है दर्द

Translated from original article

Woman slapping man

A friend asks a man during a party, “What’s the plan for new year?” And a tight slap lands on his face from his girlfriend, standing near him, as he fails to give proper response to the above question by his friend. Similarly, in another incident, a husband gets a tight slap on his face, instead of love, from his wife as he sits expectant in a room in front of the TV. After these slaps men are advised not to repeat the mistake of last year and they should buy these passes for New Year’s party this year.

Such transmissions on the television have irked the sentiments of men’s rights organizations badly. They have complained against this commercial to the Advertising Standards Council of India and have demanded for removal of the commercial. This campaign is run by a private website that allows bookings of famous hotels, wherein, violence is perpetrated against boyfriend/husband that has irked a group of men.

Men’s rights organizations have not only demanded immediate removal of the offensive ad but have also demanded an apology from the company in all leading national and local dailies. As per the complainant organization Save Indian Family Foundation, these type of ads propagate the concept of domestic violence against men. Men are being targeted by such campaigns.

This ad insults men, while a similar ad targeting women would have drawn a lot of flak and a lot of hue and cry would have been made out of it. These types of campaigns make such behavior against men as socially acceptable. It raises a question on the safety of men in the society. Such mediums clearly show that abuse of men has grown a lot in the society. It is the result of such mindset only that the suicides figures for married men are almost double that of married women.


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