Men’s rights NGO says Zomato ads hurt male pride, rights

Claiming that no objections are raised when men are shown in ‘derogatory’ manner in advertisements even as hue and cry is made if it happens with women, a men’s rights NGO has complained to the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) objecting to ads of a popular food guide Zomato demanding its immediate withdrawal.

Zomato portal operates an online food guide and launched a series of ads in promotion of the new year parties and special discounts wherein in a husband or a boyfriend is slapped by their female partners for not booking for special dinners or events.

Taking objection to it and claiming that it shows men in poor light, Save India Family Foundation (SIFF) complained against DC Foodiebay Online Services Pvt Ltd – which controls Zomato – demanding its immediate withdrawal.

“This is being projected as form of acceptable social treatment towards men. This has sparked off fresh doubts on the safety of men in the society. Abuse of men is so rampant in the society that it is quite evident from these ads,” said a SIFF activist.

According to the complaint, the ad campaign promotes violence against men and husbands and is unacceptable in the society.“Domestic violence against men is a serious social problem. As per MHA statistics, every year almost double the number of married men are committing suicides compared to married women,” the complaint said.

The organisation has demanded an apology to be published in the national dailies and an declaration from the online food hub.


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