Complaint filed before ASCI against sexist anti-male Zomato ads

Mr. Alan Collaco, Secretary General
The Advertising Standards Council of India,
219, Bombay Market,
78 Tardeo Road,
Mumbai 400 034

Sub: Complaint against sexist anti-male ad campaign designed by DC Foodiebay Online Services Pvt. Ltd.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Honorable Chairman,

DC Foodiebay Online Services Pvt. Ltd. operates an online food guide through its website It provides restaurant directory, and menu-pages Website for customers to dine out or order food in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Chandigarh. The address of this company along with the key contact person is as under

Mr. Deepinder Goyal
Level 2
K2/4, Behind Central Arcade
DLF Phase 2
Gurgaon, 122002

The key executives of the company are as under

Mr. Pankaj Chaddah

Mr. Deepinder Goyal

Mr. Gunjan Patidar

Recent ads by Zomato portal of restaurants has sparked off fresh doubts on the safety of men in the society. Abuse of men is so rampant in the society that it is – “Too obvious to be as good as oblivious“. Being consistent with the existing male hatred in the society, Zomato has come up with an ad campaign for promoting their new-year bashes wherein, in every ad the husband/boyfriend is slapped by his woman and this is being projected as form of acceptable social treatment towards men. However, in reality the ad is highly sexist in nature

The ads are available at,


The ad campaign promotes violence against men and husbands and is unacceptable in the society. Domestic violence against men is a serious social problem. As per suicide statistics published by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, every year almost double the number of married men are committing suicides compared to married women. Figures for 2010 indicate around 62000 married men vs. 30000 married women. Domestic violence has been identified as one of the major reasons of suicide. These ads clearly promulgate domestic violence targeted against men and hence these ads are highly sexist in nature. As a result, we are filing a complaint before you.

We have sent our message to the company but instead of realizing the seriousness of the issue and taking it up in the right spirit, the company has banned those reporting the abuse. This is a highly unprofessional behavior on part of the company and as such we demand

  1. DC Foodiebay Services Pvt. Ltd. to stop the ad campaign immediately.
  2. They should publish a 10 cm. X 12 cm. apology for insulting men, in all leading national dailies, on either the front page or back page.
  3. They should give an undertaking that they will never design sexist anti-male ad campaigns in future under any circumstances.

Hence, we urge your good office to take necessary action as per its policies against Foodiebay Services Pvt. Ltd. for designing an offensive, sexist and anti-male ad campaign.


2 thoughts on “Complaint filed before ASCI against sexist anti-male Zomato ads

  1. I support this Petition. In fact we should ask Huge Compensation from said Company (as done in US etc) to Men’s Organisation for this offensive Ad for being deterrant to others.

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