Zomato Ads promulgate abuse of men

Recent ads by Zomato portal of restaurants has sparked off fresh doubts on the safety of men in the society. Abuse of men is so rampant in the society that it is – “Too obvious to be as good as oblivious”. This is clearly evident from the inaction of the society on married men topping the list of suicides year over year. Being consistent with the existing male hatred in the society, Zomato has come up with an ad campaign for promoting their new-year bashes wherein, in every ad the husband/boyfriend is slapped by his woman and this is being projected as form of acceptable social treatment towards men. However, in reality the ad is highly sexist in nature and needs not only to be taken off-air but Info Edge, the Venture Capitalists behind Zomato Group must be taken to task for sponsoring promulgation of male hatred in the society.

Look at the ads below for yourself and decide – “Do you want your sons/brothers to be treated like this?”


10 thoughts on “Zomato Ads promulgate abuse of men

  1. I don’t know what you are complaining about this video is hilarious. AHAHAHA. Oh my I laughed and laughed. Then I found all the videos of men slapping women in commercials and I laughed and laughed. Oh ahahaha ahahah isn’t that funny women being slapped.

    Oh wait, I DO know what you are complaining about and women slapping men is not funny. Ladies, you have been crying wolf for years, do you hear that howling in the distance?

  2. oh my god. grow up. men have been abusing women for years now. 2 ads showing women actually standing up for themselves does not mean that there is a new men bashing epidemic around town. lets have a couple of centuries of women raping men, molesting men, beating them up, stopping their education, controlling their dressing, stealing their property, and objectifying them at the drop of every hat, and THEN maybe we’ll think of taking a stand against the ad. until then, stop with the victimization.

    • Payel Basu. You smack of male hatred. And your words clearly reflect your upbringing. Whatever false allegations you have posted about men further goes to prove the shit women are made up. And it also shows the level to which women can drop just to support their agenda of unexplained hatred against men and for that you deserve this. I will sincerely hope you go through all above at the hands of some man and do not get justice at all. Then only you will understand what’s oppression, torture and discrimination something which men have faced not only from women but also from society.

    • So going by the logic of Ms Payal Basu , since she assumes(incorrectly so) that women have been harassed by men , it automatically gives women a license to harass men in reverse for at least 200 years . Only after 500 years being slapped around by crazy females like Payal should males wake up and say , Ok NOW is enough ..Where does she carry her brain in .. in her handbag ?
      Payal Basu never sees that men have given their lives protecting women , she never sees that men die fighting in wars to protect women and children , she also does not see that men give their places in lifeboats when the ship sinks to save women and children first . Women like Payal basu feel that protection that women get is a given just because they have different sexual organs and men must always suffer either to protect women or to appease her ? Men should have thrown all women overboard and taken the seats themselves in the lifeboats and the world would have been a much better place to live . These creatures of god can never be appeased

    • Also, let’s have a couple of centuries of women going to war and getting their guts spilled out and limbs torn off, become the breadwinner while the husbands stay home and watch tv…Why should I care what happened in the olden days? As a matter of fact, its good to know the attitude of anti-male creatures like you. Because once men start seeing the real character of your kind, this whole feminism and whatever rights and fair treatments you enjoy will crumble. Then you will end up facing the society the same way we men face daily…

      And my dear, consider yourself lucky that some of us have chosen to write here instead of what we men are really good in doing…Believe me, you don’t know at all the survival instincts of men…

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