Govt. of Maharashtra proposes legalizing dowry

Govt. of Maharashtra has proposed an upcoming bill for division of assets in marriage. Forwarding a bill for “Equal rights for women in husband’s assets” and terming it as a progressive step, the Govt. of Maharashtra seems to be in an uncanny hurry for passing this bill as it plans to pass it at any cost on the 22nd of December 2011 at the Nagpur Assembly.

Let us see, what this bill means. Before that, let’s see what is the definition of dowry as per law.

“The word ‘dowry’ should be any property or valuable given or agreed to be given in connection with the marriage.”

Full definition of dowry is available here

So, when the law says that transaction of any property in relation to marriage is dowry, how is this proposition which openly speaks of share of wife in husband’s assets is not dowry?

On one hand, the Govt. makes draconian, unconstitutional and inhuman laws like Section 498A, citing it as an iron hand to curb the so-called menace of dowry, and on the other hand, the same Govt. dishes out a legislation that’s aimed at legalizing the practice!

On one hand, the Govt. does not hesitate to arrest innocent citizens (husband and his family including toddlers and senior citizens) under Section 498A at the whiff of an uninvestigated complaint by wife and against husband and his family and violate their fundamental rights as citizens of India, and on the other hand the same Govt. proposes to pass laws that extort the husband off his properties merely because he is a husband.

This is nothing but state sponsored extortion. Making wife co-owners of properties acquired by husband is nothing but legalization of dowry and this time the husband will be penalized for “Not Paying Dowry to his Wife”.

Such moves are nothing but a direct evidence of sheer and rampant social misandry (male hatred) wherein each and every law is targeted at either disrupting the peace of men, especially husbands, or usurping their hard-earned money, wealth and property.

Such moves are only going to increase the existing frustration inside men, especially husbands and more and more men, especially married men, are going to commit suicide and a small minority may also resort to crime, resulting in increased crime in the society.

Hence, the Govt. of Maharashtra is not only legalizing dowry by this move, but is also abetting the suicide of married men and perpetrating crime in the society.

If you feel this move is uncalled for, send this letter to the Govt. of Maharashtra with the message

Do not legalize Dowry with this law


4 thoughts on “Govt. of Maharashtra proposes legalizing dowry

    • Just see if we can get 1 or 2 MLAs stand up against it saying it will endanger their own properties and they are digging their own grave. Right now, we just need to stall it this session.

  1. Law makers are gone DUMB….In case this Bill is passed by Maha. Govt then going by the sec. 3 of DP Act 1961 Mah Govt is (by force) abetting giving and taking dowry which is a punishable offence (the degree of offences is total no of couples in Maharashtra) with minimum five yrs of imprisonment…..

  2. The irony is that the government is masking this bill as a tool to curb the ‘evil’ practice of dowry. Such an obnoxious explanation for giving legal rights to the ‘wife’ for a possible hostile take over. Men will be forced to safeguard their interests from such a hostile takeover and might start demanding dowry equivalent to their assets

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