Beware of the Lady Boss – News 9

News 9 recently conducted a live debate on “Should men be protected from Sexual Harassment at Workplace under the upcoming Sexual Harassment Bill. Men’s Rights Activists from Bengaluru presented their views on the same along with citizen’s response. Below are the video links for the same.


4 thoughts on “Beware of the Lady Boss – News 9

  1. Any Gender Biased Laws/Rules/Investigations/Prosecutions/Trials/Punishments etc etc are Unconstitutional& Illegal, Liable to be Reversed with Compensations by Just Unbiased Elders (not judges who misinterpret law for their Case-Hungriness, Brotherhood Biasness-Selfish-ness).

    But Govt. i.e Ruling Party which has to Enforce Constitution& Law Justly& Properly, has Conspired with these Gangs for its Selfishness (i.e. Power-Money hungriness etc).

    So People have to Fight Democratically like Anna Hazares (Vote-hungry Parties will automatically come to us) OR

    Defeat such Gender-Biased Parties by electing Gender Neutral / even Unknown Parties for a term (maxm 01year) OR

    Good Hon’ble SC Judges should boldly& SuoMoto deliver such Judgements for the Goodness-
    Neutral-rness of the Society as Higher Courts can abolish/rewrite any Unconstitutional Laws/ Rules.

  2. Change the Constitution of India……….
    We Men demand Govt of India to either repeal gender biased Laws or make them gender neutral laws…All gender biased laws are in violation of our Constitutional Rights …If govt can not do none of the above,,, then its better off to change the Preamble of the Constitution to “WE THE WOMEN OF INDIA………………….”. We would prefer to remain out side of this Constitution as along as it does not serve purpose of welfare of MEN………..:

  3. Very good discussion and points from Arnab ji, Rukma ji and Virag ji covered the complete gamut of injustice done to men in India.

    So country is getting into vicious cycle of no jobs for women > more housewives > more maintenance > more maintenance laws > more feminism to promote women “pamperment”!!

    India Shinning.

    Rukma ji, wonderfully said and written, “WE THE WOMEN OF INDIA”.

    Men in India are not residents as any country across the globe, DOES NOT treat it’s residents with so many LAWS against them!!

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