Press release on “RIGHT TO LIFE for men” campaign

INSAAF (Indian Social Awareness and Activism Forum)
Press release on “RIGHT TO LIFE for men” campaign

Domestic Violence has driven over 780,000 Married Men to suicide!

Married Indian Males are losing the most fundamental right of all, THE “RIGHT TO LIFE”. It is not at all uncommon to see people laughing whenever a married men tries to express his problems or says that his spouse and in – laws are torturing him. The audience might find it funny but it is a sad reality for those 61453 married men who were driven to take their own lives in 2010 being unable to bear the torture and lakhs more such who continue to live an abused life without even a semblance of acceptance of abuse. This was as per the data presented by the National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB), Home Ministry report released by Hon’ble Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Thursday, the 27th of October 2011.

According to statistics released by the Ministry of Home affairs, in the last fifteen years (1995 – 2010) over 776812 married men have been claimed by rampant domestic violence against them. In a shocking revelation of suicide statistics for the year 2010 reveals that once again almost double the number of married men have committed suicide in comparison to married women as the report attached here corroborates. The rate at which the suicide rates of married men are increasing according to the govt reports from 1995 is truly astounding(See Annexure).  The figures for a last few years also are equally concerning.

National Crime Records Bureau – Ministry of Home affairs Suicide Statistics

Year Married Men Married Women
2010 61453 31754
2009 57639 30224
2008 58192 31300
2007 57593 30064

INSAAF attributes the tremendous increase in suicides of Indian married males to the complete lack of understanding and unavailability of remedies on the issue of domestic violence against men in India.

INSAAF’s research has shown that while international studies world over have proved that both men and women are equally likely to be victims of domestic violence, in India a male facing domestic violence has almost nowhere to look for help. The Indian courts have passed little relief and very recently one of the most prominent Indian High courts apathetically observed, “Though men are victims of violence, such incidences are few and far between, thus ruling out the possibility of protection from the parliament”, while dismissing a petition challenging the constitutionality of the Domestic Violence Act as it violates Article 14 of the Indian Constitution.

Psychologists and Social workers are also equally to be blamed for this carnage since they fail to understand the issue of domestic violence on men and shockingly even after their deaths they term those men to be weak and irresponsible. It becomes imperative to mention here that the peculiar feature of domestic violence against men is its total lack of social acceptance let alone extending any kind of support to its victims. Finding no helping hand from the society, government or the media, these male victims have no option left but to commit suicide.

Indian males demand their “Right to Life” back

The responsibility of these self annihilated innocent male lives ultimately rests with the Government. The Government cannot simply shake its hands off this responsibility and pass off these suicides as being due to ‘financial reasons’. Whereas in reality, as per the analysis of NCRB itself (a Govt. body), the contribution of “financial reasons” to suicide lies low at a meager 2%. INSAAF strongly recommends that the Indian government should stop neglecting the suicides of Indian Married males and allocate adequate budget to spread awareness of domestic violence on men and provide adequate redress mechanisms at the social and legal levels so that lakhs of innocent men who can be still be saved can claim back their “right to life

INSAAF’s “Right to Life” Campaign

The yearlong “Right to Life” campaign for Indian men will be officially inaugurated on International Men’s Day ( IMD) on November 19th 2011 . As part of this campaign INSAAF plans to

  • Provide free counselling to married men facing emotional, physiological, physical or financial violence at the hands of their spouses or in-laws.
  • Spread awareness in the society  and media on the issue of Domestic Violence on men
  • Conduct seminars for the judiciary and legislature with the intention of creating effective redressal mechanism for male victims.
  • Provide the framework for the creation of a Protection of Men from Domestic Violence act ( PMDVA).

About INSAAF: INSAAF is an international think tank specializing in social and gender research. Consisting entirely of intelligentsia possessing vast collective expertise in advancing social reform, legislative consultation and advisory research this Non Governmental Organization (NGO) has branches both the United States and in India. We have presented our research in front of various standing committees of government and provided credible data and unbiased factual research on various legislative issues some of which are Lokpal Bill, Civil Nuclear Liability Bill, Judicial Accountability Bill and Sexual harassment at workplace bill.



Contact: 9811052770 (Niladri), 9886641682(Arnab), 9008302822 (Virag)

Supported by: Save Indian Family Foundation, Save Family Foundation Delhi, All India Men’s Welfare Association, Association for International Men’s Rights Activism,


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