Husbands Committing Suicide 4 times faster than Wives

The suicide statistics for the year 2010 have been published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) – a unit of the Honorable Union Ministry for Home Affairs, Govt. of India. As usual, apart from painting a very grim picture about the society, the numbers tells a tale that better be called as tell-tale of the stress levels in the society, especially for husbands.

Husbands, who are more often than not, passed off as unsung heroes for all the sacrifices and contributions they make for their families, are on the worst side of the suicide scale.

Year over year, more and more husbands are committing suicides and despite efforts by men’s rights groups to create awareness about the same, the message seems to be falling on deaf ears as we are only seeing an upward trend in the suicides committed by husbands.

In the year 2010, 61453 husbands have committed suicide vis-à-vis 31754 wives. Similar numbers for 2009 were 58192 and 31300 respectively.

That means a 5.6% annual increase in suicides by husbands compared to 2009 vis-à-vis 1.4% annual increase in suicides by wives.

It means suicide rate by husbands is increasing at the rate of 4 times the suicide rate by wives.

Yet, husbands are subjected to inhuman and unconstitutional laws like,

  1. Section 498A, wherein, an uninvestigated complaint by wife against husband and his family can land the entire family in jail, or
  2. The Domestic Violence Act, wherein the husband can even lose his hard-earned property owing to a simple complaint of allegations of domestic violence, even without a fair trial, or
  3. Section 304B which can land the entire family of the husband behind bars without trial or investigation if the wife dies unnaturally (due to any reason, sickness, accident, insect byte, chronic or juvenile ailment etc.) within 7 years of marriage or
  4. Section 125 CrPC wherein the husband is treated as a FREE ATM MACHINE to pay maintenance to a wife irrespective of fault,

And many other such laws like Section 24, 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act; Section 22 of the Special Marriage Act, the biased child custody laws etc.

To add to the woes, the Govt. of India has not allocated even a single rupee for men’s welfare in the last 64 years of Indian Independence in the fiscal budget that comes year after year, even as 82% of the taxes come from men.

A deeper analysis into the suicide data also reveals that every 8.5 minutes a husband commits suicide, and

Daily 168 husbands are committing suicides (9 more daily compared to 2009)

And now here are some moot questions before the society, the Govt. and the media,

  1. Are not husbands human beings?
  2. Is not such large scale eradication of husbands a gruesome violation of human rights?
  3. Are not husbands entitled to their constitutional right to life and liberty, as per Article 21 of the Indian Constitution?
  4. Do not husbands have right to stay alive rather than being pressurized and cornered by the society to such an extent that they have to cold-bloodedly end their lives in this manner?
  5. Is the pain of a mother/sister less when she loses a son/brother compared to when she loses a daughter/sister?
  6. Why is there no National Commission for Men?
  7. Why is there no Men’s Welfare Ministry?
  8. Why aren’t men protected in marriage from dowry harassment, domestic violence?
  9. Why does the society treat its men as second class citizens just like disposable entities?
  10. Why is there no uproar ever in the Parliament over increasing suicides by men, especially husbands, year over year?

The absence of any acceptable answers to the above question clearly depicts the insurmountable levels of misandry (male hatred) in the society and its misandry that is the biggest contributing factor to this slow erosion of the Indian male. No man wishes to end his life but he is left with little options when all he sees around himself is expectations from him, as a man and a complete reluctance to accept his limitations as it is popularly said,

There is no expectation of limitations from a man and there are no limitations to the expectations from a man

Such pervert social attitudes leave little option in a man’s life other than to end it up in suicide and the misandrous society keeps on staring with hands folded.

I will be ending this article with a note that it’s not only the suicide statistics of 2009 and 2010 but a decade over decade trend of increasing suicides by men in general and husbands in particular (clearly depicting marriage as a dangerous social construct for men) and sooner the better we raise ourselves to the plight of men.


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