Mue ki Shaadi

All the characters in this life are close to life and inspired by real life. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental.

Mua is a 30 year old financial analyst who has just completed his MBA after 3 years of service experience and has freshly entered the finance market in the position of a financial consultant with an investment banking firm.

Just as Mua is trying to cope with career related struggles and getting himself established in it, his feminist mom Ekta comes with the idea of getting Mua married.

Mua does not want to get married as he had seen the condition of his father, Karan. Ekta had converted him into a totally henpecked husband. Mua feared the same would happen with him and he did not want his son to go through the same fate as his, seeing his father attempting to commit suicide twice and failing as he was too attached to his son, Mua himself. Mua started feeling guilty of his own existence.

Just few days back Mua also read in the newspapers that “Every 9 minutes, a married man commits suicide in India?

But, for all this, Mua just couldn’t think of saying “NO” to his mom. Ekta, who was a very smart female, judiciously used her emotions to blackmail Mua and somehow had convinced Mua for the marriage.

But Mua also thought, after all this is a lifetime decision. So Mua came up with one final attempt. He told Ekta that since it was a lifetime decision, he wanted some consultations before making the plunge.

Ekta agreed, “Sure darling, I’ll take you to a friend of mine who also happens to be a marriage counselor, I’m sure she can drive away all your fears”. Mua knew very well, it was a trap. Ekta always did this. She would give a different story to the friend and get her way done by saying, “See, I had told you, I was not wrong” when the “friend” would also re-iterate the same thing as Ekta wanted to get done, thinking they are helping both Ekta and Mua. Mua had been fooled enough by his mom in the past. But Mua thought, those decisions were unimportant as they only decided what career Mua follows and which college Mua goes to etc.

But this time, Mua was determined not to let this happen. He told her, “Mom, somehow your friends always succeed in getting things done by me, your way. Probably your thoughts match a lot.”

Ekta was shocked. She was quick to see Mua’s rebellion.

Mua continued, “I have a plan this time.”

Ekta was quick to add, “Oh yes, I just forgot, my son has NOW become a man enough to take his decisions on HIS own and make HIS plans as well, ofcourse, without consulting me, but that’s fine. Tell me, what’s your plan?”

Mua told her about his plan of conducting a survey titled – “Why should a person get married?” and then take a decision based on popular opinion. The poll would include 80% men and 20% women because it was a man who was getting married here.

Ekta was terrified. She was well aware that the men would never advise him to get married. She tried to “negotiate” on the participation-ratio but in vain. Mua used her own trick against her – “Don’t you want your son to be happy?” was not a question she had expected and gave up, for now.

And our hero, Mua, got busy in preparing the poll, finalizing the participants. His MBA skills helped him develop an excel sheet which could plot a graph based on answers. He had prepared an objective test. If the graph entered “Red Zone”, it meant marriage must be condemned.

Little was the Mua aware that a similar sheet was being prepared with the only difference that “Red” in Mua’s sheet would mean “Green“, in Ekta’s sheet.

Mua’s joy knew no bounds when the excel sheet actually turned “Red”, validating his feelings that he should not get married. Majority of the men had advised him NOT to marry as it was nothing less than HELL. Happily Mua slept a contentious sleep after ages.

But, Mua’s joy was short lived. He was petrified to see, that his excel was getting colored “Green” as he was seeing it in the morning. He was confused whether it was a dream that his mother and her niece entered his room and changed his excel sheet in his laptop or it had actually happened.

Whatever, it was, Mua was doomed. Once again, Ekta had her way as Mua had NOT taken any backup and realized, what a great mistake it was on Mua’s part not only to disclose his survey to his cousin Neha, who was Ekta’s spy but also not to take any backup. He knew, he lost the battle.

Dejected Mua was standing in his wedding reception recollecting all these past events that had happened recently. All around he could see, the party was ON in full swing.

Men, women and children, all dressed up in their best, probably looking their best, having a fun time drinking, having snacks. Music was playing and some people were dancing, just as wild as the thoughts of Mua who just struggling with one question – “What if she turns exactly a wife Ekta, his mom, had been to Karan, his father?

Karan was the only person in the entire crowd who was empathetic to Mua, He was staring at him and as Mua looked around, his eyes first locked with Karan, sitting a bit far away, who smiled at him; Mua returned the gesture and as he continued to look around suddenly his eyes locked with Shruti, the girl he was getting married to. Mua fainted!


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