Shooting begins for ‘498A – The Misuse’

Sameer Sinha will begin shooting his bilingual, ‘498A — The Misuse’ , with Romit Raj, Kanchana Moitra, Moubani Sorcar and Sania Chaudhury

In recent times, some online forums had debated the need of a film that speaks about the misuse of IPC-498 A. The latest news is that a bilingual film on this subject is being made out of Kolkata. Titled “498A — The Misuse”, the film will highlight the way some women in urban India are taking refuge in the law to harass men. The film will be made in Hindi and English and will be shot in Kolkata and Pune. Starring Romit Raj in the lead, the film also marks the non-Bengali language film debut of Kanchana Moitra and Moubani Sorcar.

Incidentally, the Supreme Court, reacting to a writ filed in 2005 ( Sushilkumar Sharma v/s Union of India), had termed misuse of 498A as legal terrorism. It is this menace that director Sameer Sinha wants to highlight through the film.

While the laws were formulated to actually help oppressed women of rural India, today there is a large section of men who are harassed by the misuse of the laws by women in urban India. What does a man do if he is falsely implicated by 498A? What happens to a man if he is trapped in a bad marriage? While doing the research, I found that there are thousands of victims who have never been addressed. It’s an academic subject and has hardly been addressed by anyone. Our film is about what a man or his family ought to do if he finds himself in such a situation,” Sameer says.

Incidentally, the story is about a young couple (Romit and Sania Chaudhury) who fall in love. But once the marriage turns bitter , Romit wants to come out of the marriage . But Sania misuses 498A to trap Romit. The film is about how Romit tries to come out of the mess. “I wanted someone who is fresh but has worked in the industry. In this film, Moubani is playing Romit’s saviour. While I had auditioned a lot of girls in Kolkata, it was only Moubani who fit the bill at the screen test. Sania, who is from Kolkata and is now working in Telugu film industry, plays Romit’s wife. I liked Kanchana’s work in “Bye Bye Bangkok” and, hence, cast her. Through the film, I want to tell the youth that it’s good to know the person well before taking the plunge. Otherwise, the legal system is such that it might unnecessarily make one pay a heavy price for it.” Says Kanchana, who plays a psychopath in the film, “Some of my friends from the film industry have been victims of the misuse of this law. I have seen how they’ve suffered silently. Since this film will convey a very serious message, I was more than eager to be a part of this venture. In the movie, I play a loner, who has a negative influence on her sister and helps her to legally plot against her brother-in-law . I am comfortable speaking Hindi and with a language coach on board, I see no problems doing this bilingual movie.”

Shooting for the film will begin in Kolkata on April 17.


3 thoughts on “Shooting begins for ‘498A – The Misuse’

  1. The idea of making movie is good, i hope it gives public awareness on how 498a is missused.

    Here is my short story..I am working as a S/w Eng.I am facing the false dowry case 498a.After my marriage we started living happily and we were blessed with one kid. My wife is educated she did Engineering. Whenever she returns from her mother’s house I see a change in her behavior. Many times I was forced to cut off my relationship with my parents & to part away with my share of parent’s property under the influence of her mother. I have unmarried siblings and my parents are very old, I dont want to ask property share from my old aged parents and they are not staying with me, they put up at different place (State). she threatened me to part away with my share of parent’s property and register the property on her name then she will be with me else she will go for case. She went to her mothers house and filed false cases on me bcoz of my MIL influence. The main intention of my wife is she wants me to part away with my share of parent’s property before my sister gets married. If I would have taken share from my parents then I am a good person to my wife??? It is unfare to ask my parents property they provided me good education and I’m doing job. I have filed RCR & waiting with hope atleast she will realize after some time that money is not important.. and will realize what she is doing is wrong.. and will join with me.. I actually see my wife going mostly money minded, but for the sake of kid i want the relationship to be united.
    Because of all this I could not concentrate on my job. I am losing all my savings. Even my MIL was separated from her husband for many years and my wife following her mothers life style. Even I tried my best to join my FIL and MIL but it didn’t work out. For me issues started after my FIL passed away.. his life was screwed and now my life. I don’t know when my wife will stop acting on her mother words. My MIL screwed up my family happiness particularly my relations with my wife & son.

    Indian 498aLaw has to be rectified not sure when it will be done …
    When i approached family court i see around 1400 cases been filed in bangalore only with in 4 months in the year 2011 till the month April’11.
    I feel the current laws are misleading for divorce.. I see many people were facing 498a and most of them belong to good professions. Once woman charge case on husband because of bad influence of their family people then no men ready to be with her because of cruelty shown by wife.. and leading to divorce. What ever the reason behind the woman they just going and filing the case. IPC498A is a law used by the bitter halves to settle scores with their hubbies.
    And few cases woman realize that they did wrong after 4 to 5 years but by then the time is past.

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