Linguistic Mathematics of Misandrist Media

Let’s take a potshot at how the media equates similar emotions of men and women with some live and real examples.

Woman (read wife) committing suicide = Dowry Death.
Man (read husband) committing suicide = Irresponsible Husband.

Wife deserting husband = Estranged/Separated Couple.
Husband deserting Wife = Woman deserted by man.

Wife killing husband = Liberated woman.
Husband killing wife = Crime against women increasing.

Husband abusing wife = Domestic Violence.
Wife abusing Husband = Marital Tiff.

Woman approaching man = Woman expressing her love.
Man approaching woman = Woman molested.

Wife contributing to family expenses = Economic Violence on wife.
Husband contributing to family expenses = Responsible Husband.

Angry and Violent woman = Bold woman.
Angry and Violent man = Criminal.

Wife calling husband at workplace = Loving/Caring wife.
Husband calling wife at workplace = Insecure Husband.

Wife Demanding Money from Husband = Her Right (Streedhan as well).
Husband demanding money from wife = Dowry.

Talking of women’s rights = Gender Equality.
Talking of men’s rights = Misogyny.

The mathematics goes on like this. These are just some examples.


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