Star Plus promotes Domestic Violence Against Men

Male hatred (misandry) has been there since ages. Misandry never started with the advent of feminism. Feminists merely amplified the existing misandry and encashed it for their sinister agenda of discriminating men, under the guise of a socially relevant term – “Gender Equality”.

There wasn’t any concept of feminism at the time of Titanic sinking but still it is said, when it sank, “The richest man on board had fewer chances of survival compared to the poorest woman on board.

Why was it so? Because men, as a system, have always been hated, despised with, while women as a system have always been sympathized with and looked at with compassion; feminists decoded this social phenomena, amplified it and created a huge and real gender bias in the society for men under the cover of imaginary bias against women.

That’s the principal reason why discriminations against men have never been challenged – the motivating factor for the unbridled feminist utopia and constant negative ranting against men – be it in the media or social circles. In fact, media has been the primary amplifier of male hatred with repeated anti-male conversations on a large, wide, repetitive and imperative scale.

And the media channel, Star Plus is no exception to the rule From 29th January 2011, the channel is coming up with a show called – “Wife Bina Life, Saza ya Maza” Show details can be found on the link. Relevant excerpts from the link about the show are reproduced here,

10 husbands brave it out to cope up with housework, homework, wailing children and much much more. We offer you a glimpse into the lives of such 10 men.

The women disappear for a period of 2 weeks, on a much-deserved holiday, leaving the men to fend for themselves, their house and their families. While the women are away, the men must juggle all the cooking, cleaning, child rearing and work duties alone (in some cases) while the women enjoy 2 weeks of pampering at a luxury resort. But they are watching every move their husbands make! Any incorrect action & the Game is over for the husbands!

Problems with the above format:

  1. 1. It creates a false perception that men always have it good and when they are not doing housework, they are holidaying!
  2. 2. It creates a false perception that managing households is a very difficult belittling bread-winning which is a far more risky, dangerous and difficult task.
  3. 3. It creates a false perception that men do not need “well deserved breaks”.
  4. 4. It creates a false perception that men cannot raise children.
  5. It creates a false perception that somehow it is OK to abuse husbands.

The overall format of the program is anti-male in nature and is legally/socially allowing wives to dominate over their husbands, which is nothing but promotion of Domestic Violence against husbands.

Domestic Violence is a very serious social issue and is the numero uno reason due to which married men commit suicide. The suicide figures for the years 2005 – 2009 for married men vis-à-vis married women are as follows:

2005: 52583 vs. 28188

2006: 55425 vs. 29869

2007: 57593 vs. 30064

2008: 57693 vs. 30224

2009: 58192 vs. 31300

Hence, we see that every year it’s the husbands and not the wives who are committing suicides in large numbers. Also an analysis of suicide data from 1996 – 2009 shows that, “Married Men are twice as vulnerable in committing suicides compared to married women”.

Even the life expectancy of men has reduced drastically over the last century. Compared to 1901, the life expectancy for men has dropped 6.5 times vis-à-vis women, in today’s stressful times. Life expectancy data can be obtained from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

All the above figures clearly indicate that the stress is definitely and substantially more on men and added to that, the fact, that men have no available socially acceptable channels of communication; the torpedo effect is taking a huge toll on men’s lives.

Shows like “Wife bina Life – Saza ya Maza” only add to the stress factor for men wherein they are not only expected to be breadwinners for the family but also look after house and children. There is one key difference between a working man and a working woman. The onus of the financial responsibility always lies on the husband, it’s the CHOICE for a working woman whether she wants to contribute to household expenses or spend it for herself. Somehow, this key difference is always ignored.

These double standards against men are never highlighted and the misandrist media conceptualizes programs like above which further plug the communication channel for men. This, in turn, leads to additional stress for men and opens new channels of inflicting domestic violence upon men.

As a men’s rights activist, I strongly object to such shows being aired and as a result, I have sent this complaint to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, asking them to stop the airing of the show till the format is changed to something acceptable.

The letter can be viewed here.

If you also feel that such a show is anti-male, please feel free to download the above letter and send it to the address mentioned in the letter, marking a copy to the Prime Minister of India.


2 thoughts on “Star Plus promotes Domestic Violence Against Men

  1. Want to know what happens to men who finally take action because of their spouses violence against them. I am tracking a person I met in the coffee shop the other night at . If he was a woman he probably would have a roof over his head and resources behind him. Instead he is half a step away from being on the streets, and possibly worse.

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