Beating men feasible; Safeguarding’em Aint!

On December 2, 2010 I had written a letter to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), asking them to introduce “male-only” coaches in Delhi Metro in wake of the recent violence on ordinary, unsuspecting and innocent men as they inadvertently stepped into coaches reserved for women.

The letter is available here.

After that an application under the Right to Information Act (RTI Act) was filed with the DMRC asking them about the status of action taken on the demands made in the letter.

DMRC has replied to the RTI and the reply is available here,

RTI Reply

The RTI reply mentions that,

“Further, your suggestion to reserve separate coach ‘only for men’ is not found feasible.”

Interestingly in reply to another RTI to the DMRC, some interesting facts and figures have come up. That RTI has been described here

Metro Construction 100 times more hazardous for men compared to women

The RTI was about the gender-wise distribution about the number of people died/injured during the Delhi Metro construction and the data that has come out is, that during Delhi Metro Construction:

  1. 1. 111 Men have lost their lives
  2. 2. 107 Men have been injured.
  3. 3. 1 Woman died.
  4. 4. 0 Women injured.

Hence, we see that on one hand, it’s the men who predominantly risk their lives and limbs (more than 10000% compared to women) and on the other hand, it’s the men who not only get thrashed up inside the metro but are also officially denied any protection or even an attempt to provide them with a safe and comfortable ride as DMRS rules out “male-only” coaches as “infeasible

So, how was beating up of men or risking their lives feasible?

Such double standards are social norms unfortunately. Use men to build structures and them impose rules inside structures for the very men.

To start with, reserving coaches for women in metro is completely wrong. Why, at all, should men be barred from entering any of the coaches? To top it, men are thrashed and beaten like animals when they inadvertently enter the coach or are unable to get seats in unreserved coaches (as women occupy them as well).

And, even with violence happening on men, there is a straight denial to provide any kind of safe environment to the men.

This is nothing but a clear-cut illustration of male-hatred, misandry, as we know it better. And this misandry is the root cause of all men’s problems be it abnormally high rate of suicide, unemployment, no law to protect them, anti-male laws or no right to choice in life, to name a few.

Men are considered as the disposable entity – use and throw – and only an entity that is hated against can be treated as a disposable one.

That is why it is feasible to beat men, and not safeguard them.

Hail misandry!


6 thoughts on “Beating men feasible; Safeguarding’em Aint!

  1. RTI likhnay say kuch nahi hoga.. do a non-coperation movement thats the only answer. thats wat they want.. u be polite and get frustrated even while writing RTI, & even so u shud keep in mind that u will never get proper reply/ negative response in reply. thats wat they want u to keep in mind & die of headache/brain damage.

    “Put the foot in their mouth” and let them suck it instead of ur thumb.

  2. You’re an idiot, the statistics don’t take into account the extreme gender disparity (possibly based on a sexist employment policy) on building sites to start with. Even if the statistics you showed were calculated based on what percentage of workers of each gender, a figure like that would be meaningless without taking into account the factors that cause accidents including the type of construction work. Even so, it could just mean that women are safer and better employees.

    The reason an all-male transport option would not be feasible for ‘safety’ is that men are not in danger of women attacking them, they are in danger from other men. Placing men in all male buses would increase the risk of physical or sexual assaults occurring against passengers.

    Once again, you are an idiot.

    • @Louise, It is because of male-haters like you that men are suffering today. Even the fact that more men are losing their life is of no consequence to you and you are putting your logical mind into it.

      Let a woman beat you in public and then I will apply logic. As far as dangers are concerned, it has already been proven that men are more in danger as they are beaten up, yet you are blind enough not to see it.

      You have a bias against men that they are sexual predators, reality is that it is the women who are sexually more aggressive than men but this misandrist society (of which you are a part), loves to blame the men.

      Shame on you.

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