Crime by Judiciary; Punishment to Men

Anti-male laws are a universal reality, and India is no exception to this rule. In fact I think, this is one of those exceptional rules, that has no exception to it. I am yet to hear of a country having any specific anti-female law. However, the picture is much more complex than it seems. Designing anti-male laws under the hood of “Women Protection” has a hidden sinister objective to it – it spawns an extortion industry around itself.

An industry that includes many players – politicians, lawmakers, bureaucrats, lawyers, feminist NGOs, media, corporate houses, judiciary, police, human rights organizations and lastly the ministries – and all of them thrive at the cost of one entity and that’s called “The Beta Males” aka the common citizen’s male population.

These anti male laws as described at the link “Gender Arsenal”, are highly biased against men as not only the level of evidence is dropped, more often than not, evidence is ignored and only on the verbal allegations of a woman, the accused man is held guilty, punished, humiliated, tortured and his basic human rights are hung on the altar called “Women Empowerment”. This aspect of gender laws (as often anything connected to women takes this name as if there’s only one gender – the female gender) also makes them “Unconstitutional” in nature.

Though the Indian Constitution guarantees equality before the law, for all citizens – irrespective of caste, creed and sex – vide Article 14, wrong interpretation of Article 15(3) leads to infringement of the fundamental right of equality under Article 14. Article 15(3) empowers the government to form special schemes for women and children – but not laws. Yet, there are 15 real anti-male laws existing, ruining the lives of millions of men for decades together and this gruesome crime against humanity is justified with a wrong interpretation of Article 15(3). These laws are one of the major contributors to men’s suicide figures as explained at “Male Disposability – Myth or Reality”.

As if, these laws weren’t enough to oppress men – and yet deny it – we have the great Indian Judiciary with us to act as fillers or shall I put it the other way round; the male hatred in the judiciary gets the filler from laws. Whichever way it is, judiciary is undoubtedly the biggest enemy of men when it comes to gender laws.

This is because of the discretionary factor in many of the laws and the processes that govern these laws. For the uninitiated, the legal system in India works at 2 dimensions – laws and procedures. We have laws defined to identify offenses and accused and procedures defined to conduct trials. And these procedures fall into 2 broad categories – the Civil Procedure Code (CPC) for civil matters and the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) for criminal matters.

And in these codes, gets the entire legal juggernaut decoded and in the decoding lies the power of discretion which is enjoyed vehemently by a politically, bureaucratically, democratically and socially immune judiciary which is equally inept to enjoy the same. Because our great Indian Judiciary forgets or perhaps doesn’t even know Uncle Ben, who had said, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”

Before moving on to audit the performance of the judiciary we will also see how, the volumes of cases, under the gender laws benefit the extortion industry.

This is how it does:-

  1. The number of cases is used as an index to cry hoarser – “Crime against women are increasing” – and this forms the basis of the huge grant of funds that feminist NGOs get in order to sponsor their lavish parties.
  2. The huge backlog of cases multiplies the lifetime of a case by magnitudes and most cases are ‘settled’ out of court with the man paying a huge extortion sum to get out of the false case imposed on him and all in the case – the complainant, the police, the lawyers, the court clerk and even the judge – get their share of the bounty.
  3. It also leads to increase in corruption and thus govt. servants do not cry hoarse about it.
  4. Seeing the condition of men trapped, other men dread the laws and most of them get ready to become not only the slave of the woman but also work like a donkey which favors the corporate industry.
  5. This, in turn, brings economic success to India and political parties call it – “India Shining” – and “Sunehre Bharat ka Nirman”.
  6. Lawyers get a lucrative business and 60% of the parliamentarians being lawyers – no wonder we have bogus, redundant and unconstitutional anti-male laws.
  7. Media get masala bytes to write about.
  8. Police gets the respite of not conducting investigation in such cases as due to the overhype created by media, no one questions the police for lousy investigation, shoddy findings and deliberately trapping innocent men for a few bucks.
  9. Bureaucrats get what they want – a chaotic society – so that their show runs unquestioned.

10.  And last but not the least – the judiciary gets immense power which it definitely and by all means exercises in an autocratic fashion.

As we have seen that the multitude of cases under gender laws have multifarious beneficiaries but the one that most benefits from it and the one that is most responsible for this grim anti-male situation is The Judiciary.

It’s the judiciary that uses its discretionary powers mostly against men in order to,

  1. Allow dragging of cases without any real/material progress.
  2. Deny justice to men even if they are innocent.
  3. Dish out judgments like a lottery so that eyeing the 5% lot that benefit from the judgments, the other 95% keep playing it – thus granting enormous powers in the hands of the judiciary.
  4. Protect criminal women so that more and more women can be lured to file cases at the drop of a hat against a man.
  5. Justify the immoral protection and immunity that they (read the judiciary) enjoy.

And it this callous, irresponsible and unquestioned attitude of the judiciary that today crime is rising in the society and we have a completely broken down and dysfunctional legal system that imbibes no fear in the minds of criminals and we have 3.5 crore cases pending that are estimated to take 350 years to finish.

This huge backlog of cases has, of late, become a bone of contention for the Govt. and the media coverage savvy Law Minister Mr. M. Veerappa Moily who is also an expert at making promises – note, making only.

Bowing down to the pressure, the Govt. had to take a stand on the huge backlog of cases and it did – but a wrong one.

Instead of “educating and training” the judges to set their attitudes right, realize their sense of duty and deliver it honestly, the Govt. is coming out with newer laws like the “Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage” – aimed at granting quick and favorable divorces to women and the Govt. says this will help in reducing the backlog!

So, we have a corrupt and dysfunctional anti-male judiciary – formed of old, stubborn, patriarchal and conservative males – who refuse to change with changing times and the one that is highly responsible for,

  1. The huge backlog of cases
  2. The drop of fear of the criminal justice system amongst criminals – especially female criminals.
  3. The lost of trust and faith of the citizenry on the judiciary

In short, it is the judiciary that is responsible for all these crimes against humanity and in order to offset it, the Govt. rolls out another anti-male provision and for this crime by judiciary it’s the beta males who pay the price.

The only question is – For how long?


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