Mathematics of maintenance to wife

Women claiming maintenance from husband have 5 major inabilities:

1. inability to earn

2. inability to maintain herself

3. inability to raise the child

4. inability to live with husband

5. inability to take the responsibility.

There are 3 major motivations behind them which drive them to apply for maintenance:

1. pampering and xtra supprot from parents

2. attitude of revenge

3. hunger for money.

Now, this inabilities (that is 5 in number) get multiplied the times they have number of motivational factors (that is 3 in number). So it becomes…

inabilites X inabilities X ……. (number of motivational factors time)

= 5 X 5 X 5

= 125 (keeping in mind, this result we have extracted through Cancelled Responsibility and still Provided Capital)

= 125 (Cancelled Responsibility & Provided Capital)

= 125 (CRPC)

= Crpc 125

= maintenance.


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