Ignoring screeches, espousing sneezes

As I read this news, “Wife gets bail in hubby torture case”, once again the bias that exists in the Indian judiciary, against Indian men in general and husbands in particular comes to the fore.

Going by the data of National Crime Records Bureau, in the last 5 years i.e. 2004 – 2008, close to 5.5 Lakh innocent men have been arrested without any trial or investigation, merely on the complaints by their wives under the unconstitutional Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. And in a majority of these cases, the husbands have been denied “Anticipatory Bail”, citing the reason that, “granting a bail may cause serious harm to the wife.

It is pertinent to mention here that all these cases under Section 498A are taken at face value and no investigation is done to verify the tenacity of the allegations. Not only that, all these allegations are taken out straight from a “Harassment Template” with standard set of allegations and accusations.

Nevertheless, in this particular case, the wife has been granted bail merely because she is a WOMAN.

Who will ensure the husband’s safety if the wife is let out on bail, given the fact that the husband attempted suicide exasperated with the physical/emotional torture from wife and in-laws.

When a wife files a complaint, mere tears from the woman are enough to deny a husband and his family the constitutional right of bail, whereas in this case, the struggle of the husband in his attempts to get justice and the fact that he has attempted suicide makes no difference to the insensitive judiciary and the accused wife is granted bail merely because she is a WOMAN.

Is the judiciary passing out the clear message with such orders, that for a man even his life-attempting screeches aren’t enough for him to get justice whereas for a woman, a sneeze is enough to even get a bail after committing the crime of torturing her husband?

Is the judiciary ignoring screeches of men in order to espouse sneezes of women?

Will the judiciary answer?

No wonder the judiciary is responsible for the 58000 husbands sacrificed at the altar of marriage and society.


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