Threatening Husbands – A joke or a social reality

The latest ad by Nestle Munch invariably shows a social reality in an apparently humorous ad. Some salient points to be observed,

1. Initially, the husband is very happy, having married to a beautiful female.

2. Soon hard reality daunts on him as the small kid turns into a macho male and threatening him with dire consequences if his sister ever cries.

3. The sobbing wife suddenly starts smiling – seeing her ‘PROTECTOR’ being reminded of his ‘DUTY’.

While this ad might have shown this in quite a comic manner, its a social reality for husbands.
Men are often given subtle threats during their marriage, that if they do not ensure the smile of their wives, consequences can be dear. Whilst it might sound utter bullish to expect one adult to be responsible for another adult’s smile, the counter is not true. There is onus on women to ensure the happiness/peace of their husbands. Can anyone imagine this video in the counter sense – someone threatening the wife of dire consequences if she does not ensure the happiness of her husband. Oh I can see the Women Empowerment Brigade up in arms. Then, why this bias against men?

Threatening husbands is no joke, its a dirty social reality. And in order to stop such advertisements and stop anti-male sentiments from further propagation, all men need is a National Commission for Men and a Men Welfare Ministry.

Have a look at the video below.


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