Male hatred is spreading crime in the society

I had predicted long back in my article, More and more Baazigars in Formation that if men are not given their due space in relationships, marriage and society, they will turn Baazigars – one who just sets his own rules for his justice and does not care about consequences.

Amit Buddhiraja of Infosys did it in April 2008, followed by Sathish Kumar Gupta in July 2010, again from Infosys. The common link between the two – both killed their wives unable to bear the harassment from their wives and after their wives threatened to book them under false dowry cases.

Such deep is the male hatred in the society that these men knew, once their wives complained no one would listen to them and treat them worse than a criminal. Hence, they took the obvious choice, they became criminals clearly proving the adage correct – “The society creates the crime, the criminal commits it.

Now, the choice belies with the society, allow the male hatred to spread and be responsible for the skyrocketing crime or take responsibility for the same and address it.


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