Ramayan – A Wife-alysis

Poori RAMAYAN biwiyon ki kahani hai…
Laxman apni ghar pe chhodkar chala aya.
Rawan doosre ki utha ke fas gaya.
Hanuman ki apni thi hi nahi magar doosre ki dhundhne mein Lanka jala dali.
Ram ko apni wapas laane ke liye 10 din tak war karni padi.Wapas lake bhi kya mila?
Ek dhobi ne apni biwi ko wapas ghar mein nahin liya,to Ram ne apniwali ko out kar diya.
Aur end mein kya hua?
Jis biwi ke karan itni badi ramayan hui wo to underground chali gayi!
Abhi socho,akhaa jhamela hua kayko?
Kyun ki Dashrath ki 3 biwiyan thi!


2 thoughts on “Ramayan – A Wife-alysis

  1. Strictly speaking, this is not entirely accurate.

    From time immemorial, male fights are always for female. Gujju proverb says “Jar Jamin and Joru …. aa trane kajiya ne notru”

    which means “jewellery, land and wife(woman) , all three are invitations to fight”

    however, why do men want jewellery ? To gift and please
    some woman! Why do men want land ? To use it to attract a woman!

    So every fight anywhere in the world can be reduced eventually
    down to fight for women or for kids.

    Characters in Ramayana had more than one reasons to act and while females did play a role in fight, it was whole-hearted willingness of men to play along that was also there.

    For e.g. Ram went to jungle bcos neither he was willing to be disobedient nor his dad was willing to break a promise.

    I do agree that Men were pre-set to act in a certain dignified
    manner and women did make skillful use of this. However, both
    genders did not feel overly exploited

    In short, this post is being a bit myopic …

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