Marriage – A financial slavery for men

It reminds me of Honorable Justice G Raghuram’s statement in a seminar, “Too much audio-visual input jeopardizes the cognitive ability of the brain” when I see the overwhelming amount of anti-male news and misandry in the media, perpetrated by women’s rights activists, popularly known as “Feminists” – though I prefer to call them as feminazis.

Ever since I grew up, I have been overfed with a feeling that women have always had a raw deal and thus never challenged the rampant misandry in the society – until I realized truth the hard way – by falling victim to the same misandry. However, it led to me an ultimate realization – that in actuality it’s the men who have always had a raw deal in the name of women having it.

One of the foremost social institutions where men get a raw deal and that too, a visible one, is MARRIAGE – wherein men have only responsibilities and punishments to deal with; no peace, no rights.

It is fairly obvious with the fact that there is not only the expectation that a man will take care of the woman’s happiness, but there are umpteen unchallenged anti-male and unconstitutional laws to enforce the same, albeit against a man’s wish.

Moreover, I fail to understand how one human being can ever be expected to take care of the happiness of another human being when happiness is a purely subjective and personalized feeling; what makes one human being happy may not make another human being equally happy or happy at all.

But perverted social setups expect men to take care of the happiness of their wives and punish them if they fail to do so, making it very easy for any wife to rule upon her husband.

Forget rights, men do not even have the basic right to peaceful existence – a man cannot even break the shackles of a tumultuous marriage without sufficient heartburn and financial rampage. Multitude of maintenance laws for the same alleged cause of action ensure that a man is grinned through the financial juggernaut of male-hatred before he gets that much deserved “Freedom” from his torturous and tumultuous wife.

And one such law is the Section 125 of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) which is quintessentially the “No-Fault Maintenance Law” wherein a person can get money from a man merely on the basis of the whiff of an existence of a relationship with a man be it his spouse, parents or children. This fact itself shows how men are treated as FREE ATM MACHINES by the society.

And now, “NCW – The hotbed of male hatred” has reinforced one of its earlier proposed highly anti-male recommendations – to award maintenance to a wife even if she is proven to be living in adultery. NCW stands for National Commission for Women and is considered to be an astute body championing the cause of women and it is the same body that seems to be telling the very women it is formed for – “Hey, go ahead and sleep with multiple partners, I will ensure you get payment from every man you sleep with along with social sympathy.

Is the NCW by any means trying to reduce the gap between “Housewives and Prostitutes” given the fact that the Supreme Court of India recommended legalizing prostitution and the Govt. of India clubbed the “Housewives, prostitutes and beggars” into the same category in the census 2011?

Anyways, the NCW is free to do anything it wants to do with women, as long as it does not disturb men, I am least bothered. However, the current recommendation by the NCW in the article – “Lies and the Law in Indian Divorce Battles does bother me as it intensifies the treatment of men as FREE ATM MACHINES.

Interestingly, NCW claims that it has made this recommendation after it found that in “70% of maintenance cases under Section 125, men get away with the adultery clause which exempts reliefs to wives.

When confronted with an RTI Application the NCW drew flak and reported that it had “no data at its disposal to back its claims”.

Moreover, a quick glance through the RTI reply also tells us the judgments from various High Courts and the Supreme Court, based on which the NCW came up with the recommendations. It is ironical that 80% of the judgments refer to the lacunae in the law which make it difficult for old parents to seek maintenance from their sons and it is the same judgments referring which NCW makes this blasphemous recommendation of making adultery a reward winning act for women .

These facts itself prove how unscrupulous the NCW is from an organization point of view. It goes ahead and makes a wild recommendation, based on hallucinated assumptions proliferating misandry which affects 33 million odd men in the country and a social factor that contributes to the skyrocketing suicides rates of married men!

And, the Indian Govt. henpecked before a bunch of feminazi male haters bows down to every malicious and pernicious design by them and goes on creating either a new anti-male law or intensifies existing ones and almost all of them target towards systematic extortion of men – the easiest way being from husbands.

The moot question that remains is, “Is not marriage a financial slavery for men?” Either toil like a slave or get ruined financially.


One thought on “Marriage – A financial slavery for men

  1. Another classical example of the gross misuse of Dowry Act (498A) back in India is the case of television celebrity, Suhaib Ilyasi. India’s Most Wanted television host was in controversy after the dispute over his daughter Aaliya’s custody rose soon after Ilyasi’s wife Anju committed suicide on January 10, 2000 in Delhi. While his mother–in-law, Rukma Singh wanted custody of the child on the ground that she had the right under Muslim law, Suhaib Ilyasi had taken the plea that his marriage with Anju was not solemnized as per the Muslim law but had been a civil affair. His sister-in-law Rashmi Singh came from Canada after six months of her sister’s death and filed a complaint with the police against Ilyasi, alleging that he used to torture his wife Anju for dowry.

    The case took bizarre turn when Anju’s brother Prashant Singh and father Prof K P Singh took a diametrically opposite stand and described the allegations against Ilyasi as “rubbish.” Prashant told Express Newsline:`whatever my mother and sister Rashmi are stating against Suhaib Ilyasi is a lot of rubbish. There is no truth in their statement or in the charges filed by the police against Suhaib Ilyasi. If you are holding Suhaib responsible for Anju’s suicide, then my mother and sister are also to blame, as they unduly interfered in their family matters.

    K P Singh, a retired IIT professor, agreed with Prashant. “My wife and daughter are breaking up my family”. Both Anju’s father and brother allege that Rukma and Rashmi have given statements against Suhaib Ilyasi as `they wanted custody of baby Aaliya. When Suhaib Ilyasi delayed that, they put him in trouble.’

    Anju’s mother Rukma Singh had changed her earlier statement given in January, 2000, in which she had stated that she did not suspect any foul play by Suhaib Ilyasi. However when Ilyasi refused to give custody of his daughter, she change her statement and alleged dowry harassment against Ilyasi.

    It has been alleged for long that Dowry Act (498a) in India is being consistently misused by clever women for extortion and blackmailing. The NCRB records suggest that during 2005-2006, 94% of the 498A, 304B cases filed by women or by her relatives were primarily to settle scores.

    Section 498A in itself is, however, not meant to deal specifically with dowry — it is commonly considered to be a ‘dowry law’ because domestic violence against a wife related to dowry demands is considered to be within the scope of ‘cruelty’ envisaged by the Section.

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