Laws are not above Human Lives

Written by MIL Activist.

India is democratic country which means Government of the people, by the people and for the people. But the laws are made of the one-sided feminists and biased views of a few leaders and these “wrong laws” are passed by the law-makers which in turn are implemented by the police, the judiciary and lawyers which are supposed to be for the people. But do such unethical and biased laws really give justice to the innocent and falsely victimized citizens? The Police having insufficient or no knowledge of laws is given the powers to harass and arrest people. The poor innocent citizens are terrorized under the pretext of following the laws and orders.

The Gram Panchayats are prevalent from decades in our country. Although the “Mukhiya” of these panchayats are not much learned people but they are far much better off than the so-called “Learned and well educated Judges” of all the courts. The panchayats are capable of disposing of any matters coming to them immediately after patiently hearing both the parties, but the honorable judges although having a study of the laws are incapable or rather reluctant to deliver judgments or grant justice to the litigants even after years.

Is it that these learned judges are ignorant of the laws that have to be followed or is it that they do not sense the “accountability and responsibility” that is on their shoulders?

Why does the judiciary forget that the lives of innumerable citizens are wasted for years because of their inability to give justice to them? Is precious human life to be wasted as the litigants are mere pawns at the hands of these judges who cannot be questioned for their behavior?

The judges of the courts are many times incompetent to either deliver justice or dismiss the case if false. The judges on the reality shows of the TV channel are more honest, sympathetic and more understanding than the judges sitting in courts. The reality show judges know the value of human lives better than the judges in the courts as they give their judgments of the performances given by the contestants just within a few minutes. But the judges sitting in the courts are only good at giving adjournments and dates thus showing their inefficiency in judging even petty cases after years of trials. The judges take the escape route of taking a leave if they are unable to solve a case.

The lawyers play with human lives by misguiding the ignorant citizens so as to extort huge amount of money from the clients. These lawyers go to any length of misconduct and falsehood so that their business may continue. They do not believe in any ethics or moral responsibilities, their only aim is to extract as much money as they can from the clients. Thus they loot the clients of their hard-earned money.

All these facts lead to a question as to “How are these laws passed?” Although the laws are suggested and propagated by the Bureaucrats, the Law-makers, the political and the Feminists groups, these laws are passed off by the ministers of cabinet without being thoroughly reviewed. There may be many loopholes in these laws but who cares, as once a law is passed there is no one to question about the loopholes in these laws nor the proper implementation of these laws is ever questioned.

The most interesting fact about these laws is that the common man, for whom these laws are made, is completely left out of the whole law – making process. Most of the laws specially the “women- centric laws, the women protection laws, the gender biased and one-sided laws like Section 498A of the IPC, the Domestic Violence Act, the Maintenance laws, and the Child-Custody Laws are some of the laws propagated by the NCW, the WCD, the Pseudo Feminists and the Male-Haters the Bureaucrats and the Law-Makers with no consultation or no feedback from any citizens or a single men’s rights organization or any NGOs of husbands or men. Hence these laws with so many loopholes are randomly “Misused” or it may be rather said that “wrong laws are being rightly used by the law-breakers for their personal scores and selfish motives or to extort money.

Thus it may be rightly said that Human lives have become mere puppets at the hands of the unethical and manipulative laws.


4 thoughts on “Laws are not above Human Lives

  1. “You have raised a very important issue. Judges are indifferent, lawyers are dishonest,Police is corrupt, Bureaucrats & politicians are making short sighted laws. Innocents are suffering.”

    What is the solution? Probably a little care for the other in the heart of everybody.

  2. “Thus it may be rightly said that Human lives have become mere puppets at the hands of the unethical and manipulative laws.”

    In my impression, this is the normal state of affairs, be it today or five hundred years ago, be it in India, Germany, or Sweden. There are great variations in the size of the problem, but the problem itself remains. If the laws do happen to be just, there will always be officials misapplying them and special interests trying to pervert them.

  3. One more great Article , Kudos to author.

    One of the power system element is Media. It’s also biased towards these issue. Media misguide people more than anyother thing.

    Media has lost their respect from common Indians.

  4. One very good common statement I heard from students of Law.

    “If advocate can not EARN enough for his/her family then he/she choose to become Judge.”

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