Press Release – Bangalore family court refuses memorandums on children welfare and rights


Sub: Bangalore family court refuses memorandums on children welfare and rights

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) and All India Mothers-in-Law Protection Forum (AIMPF) are pro-family NGOs creating awareness in the society about rampant family-breaking being done by misuse of dowry harassment laws, domestic violence laws, maintenance laws and child custody laws.

On the eve of International Family Day, i.e. on May 14, the above NGOs had conducted a joint press conference and stressed upon the importance of strong families and fatherly role models for children and society. They had also asked the Indian Govt. to take immediate steps to stop family breaking due to misuse of dowry laws, violation of civil liberties of innocents under Section 498A, Domestic Violence laws and promote family harmony. Additionally, they had declared a month long campaign called, “Family Breaking Awareness Campaign”.

As part of the conclusion of the campaign, the NGOs, SIFF, CRISP and AIMPF approached the Principal Judge at the Family Court of Bangalore on 11th June 2010, in order to submit the following two memorandums of demands (kindly click on the webpage links below to read the contents),

  1. Memorandum for Children’s Welfare in Family Courts.
  2. Memorandum regarding Children’s Rights to be with both parents

The above two memorandums are primarily about with the welfare of children in family courts, and children’s rights to be with both parents, as per United Nations’ CRC guidelines.  The demands by and large pertained to providing a proper, congenial and conducive atmosphere for visitation of children so that parents, mostly fathers, who are alienated from their children can spend some quality time with their children.  Also stressed is need for granting of immediate visitation orders, and shared parenting of children by both parents so that children grow up under love and care of both parents.

However, the Principal Judge of Family Court at Bangalore refused to accept the memorandum of demands after having a cursory look at them.

Our organizations are however not hampered by this turn of events, and will redouble our efforts in spreading the message about children’s welfare and their need to be with both parents.  We will continue to engage with society, media, lawmakers, government, ministries, NGOs, and higher judiciary in furthering this noble cause.  It is to be noted that several high court judges are themselves in favour shared parenting being implemented in family courts, as per details in the second memorandum.

Nonetheless, the Family Breaking Awareness Month campaign is concluded with this activity and refusal to accept memorandum of demands by the Bangalore Family Court.

We thank our media friends who participated with us in the campaign and helped us in spreading the message.

Thanks and Regards



One thought on “Press Release – Bangalore family court refuses memorandums on children welfare and rights

  1. for child cusdoty i am petitioner i applied in the year of 2013 she has not attended for for court single hearing court as decided ex-party then also she as not show my son to me now they went to high court single bench rejected again they went to double bench they applied for stay its is possib;e to give stay for ex-party she as not gave respect to court it possible

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