Open Letter opposing Renuka Chaudhary as Rajya Sabha Member

Padmabhushan Dr. Chiranjeevi
Prajarajyam Party

Sub: Open letter opposing support to Congress Party for fielding Renuka Choudhary

Respected Sir,

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), is a non-profit non-funded organization, involved in creating awareness about rampant family-breaking happening in India due to abuse of husbands and their families in various false cases under Section 498A of the IPC, the Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC, etc.

SIFF is registered under the aegis of the Save Indian Family movement which has around 30 local chapters, 30 NGOs and about 30,000 members all over India actively involved in creating awareness about rampant family breaking due to the use of wrong and unconstitutional laws.

SIFF has come to know via various media reports that your party is planning to support the Congress party in helping Renuka Chowdhury get a Rajya Sabha ticket. We are urging you not to do so because Renuka Chowdhury has made several controversial statements against the Indian culture, Indian men and Indian values.

She has said, while passing the anti-male Domestic Violence Act, “It’s time for men to suffer.”

She also said, “I want to teach men, what their mothers didn’t.

During the Mangalore pub incident, just in order to vent her anger against Pramod Mutalik, Chowdhury, the then Women and Child Development minister, made an irresponsible statement of “Pub bharo” and urged the youth of the country to go and fill the pubs. Such statements may sound fashionable but are extremely demeaning for a woman in position to speak like that.

She once called all the male politicians as “Chauvinist Pigs”. This is nothing short of a racist/hate speech against an entire clan.

Renuka, in her tenure as the Women and Child Development ministry has been directly responsible for the arrest of 160,000 innocent women under the controversial Section 498A of the Indian penal code, popularly known as the Dowry Law from 2004 – 2008. She has directly contributed to almost as many families being broken leading to more crime in the society.

Renuka Chowdhury, also spewed venom against men in her interview with Karan Thapar and warned him as well. You can see the video here,

During the last general elections 2009, SIFF volunteers had vehemently campaigned against Renuka Chowdhury and she lost the elections. We also celebrated her defeat via a press release which can be found here,

Hence, in wake of above facts about Renuka Chowdhury, choice lies with you, if you would want such to support the Congress party so that such anti-family, anti-cultural and male hater woman gets a Rajya Sabha Ticket.

We urge you not to do so as it will lead to further social damage, family breaking and will increase threat to national security, as more there are children from broken families, the more they will take to crime and join terrorist and maoist groups which ultimately endanger the society and the national security.

Thanks and Regards

Save Indian Family Foundation


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