Action for 158 in a day, inaction for 158 daily!

It is really unfortunate that the airplane crash in Mangalore accidentally killed 158 people in a go and the Government has decided to review all airports.
But if we look at the suicide statistics available with the NCRB, for the years 2007 and 2008 (the latest data available from NCRB) every single day 158 husbands (married men) have committed suicide due to,
1. Unrealistic expectations from  the society
2. No acceptance.
3. Continued harassment and no listening at all.
This is nothing short of a cold blooded murder of men by the society.
It is really surprising as the Govt. is ready to take action for 158 killed in a day and is sleeping over 158 being killed daily since the last 2 years and the trend is growing in continuing.
Are husbands disposable for the society?
Is killing husbands a social service?
Is the pain of a mother/sister less when she loses a son/brother than when she loses a daughter/sister?
Do not men deserve a life of peace and dignity?

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