An open letter to the male feminists

Male Feminists! – Does it sound like an oxymoron? How can males be feminists, especially when women fighting for women have accorded luxuriously demeaning and fancily derogatory tittles to men like “Male Chauvinist Pigs (MCP)”?

Well, there lies the catch. Most men, being victims of the “Looking Good Syndrome (LGS)” felt ashamed being called an MCP and that too by a woman – because for these so termed MCPs a woman is worse than a kid when it comes to being harassed. They can imagine almost any level of atrocity on the woman. And when the same women call these presumably and perceptively “Strong Men” as MCPs, it hurts their false ego and they become “Male Feminists” – put in other words as “Self-proclaimed Protectors of Women”.

In recent times, we had quite a few well known people falling victim to this vicious trap of the intra-war between Male-Ego and the Looking Good Syndrome as mentioned below,

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