Helpline for male abuse victims

Scotland’s first helpline for male victims of domestic abuse has gone live.

Some 7,000 men reported being abused by their partner last year

The Men’s Advice Line is staffed by trained advisors who provide practical advice and emotional support to men who are abused by their partners.

About 7,000 men in Scotland reported being the victims of such abuse last year.

Some 14% of all domestic abuse cases reported to the police involve a male being abused by a female partner.

The advice line – 0800 801 0327 – can also provide information about support services including legal, housing, child contact and mental health issues.

People worried about male friends or family can also call the hotline for advice.

Housing and Communities Minister Alex Neil said: “Let us be absolutely clear that men and women can both be victims and we know that men feel under immense pressure to keep up the pretence that everything is okay.

“It is vital that we make clear to men that they are not alone and that there is someone standing ready to listen and help.”


One thought on “Helpline for male abuse victims

  1. Indian men have to shed their reticence and come out open with their grievances and complain vociferously about the torture they undergo in the hands of their wives.

    No soft options!


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