The Times of India or The Times of Women?

Woman kills husband with a grinding stone

This is the feminist agenda of family breaking. Never allow men to complain, protect criminal minded women and project them as ablas, and always project women as victims even if she’s a bloody cold-blooded murderer.

And blame the man for “picking up” quarrel with the wife as if it was some stone lying on the ground waiting to be picked up.

Shame on Times of India for breaking Indian Families. Looks like its completely sold to the male-hater feminazis. Why not rename it to “The Times of Women” so that readers know what to expect.


3 thoughts on “The Times of India or The Times of Women?

  1. // He returned home after 1 pm and sat quietly in the room. After sometime he suddenly picked up a fight with his wife.

    An angry Sivasankari pushed Udayashankar down and lifted the grinding stone to attack him. Frightened, one of their sons ran out and told some neighbours. //

    Se how false this news is.
    The guy was sitting quietly but still he’s the one who picked up fight! WOW !!! Great reporting!!!
    The lady pushed the man down — doesn’t this mean she’s having more strength than the deceased?
    This is another case of husband-abuse which not one reports.

    And feminists news-papers like TOI will keep morphing even such news where — a man is killed in cold blood — into a case of a victimized woman

    Instead of true, thoughtful and sensible reporting of one of their PRIME agenda is to keep gaining sympathy from women to further their business interests of feminist magazine FEMINA.

  2. I feel the fault here lies with a society that feels that a couple must live together ‘for sake of children’ even if they are unhappy. It was obvious that they did not want to live together,

    “After marriage, the duo had frequent quarrels. They used to live separately often and their families used to counsel them. Recently, they had a fight and they were not living together. It has only been a month since their families pacified them and convinced them to lead a peaceful life for the sake of their children,”

    Such forced unions are not good for anybody, not even the children.
    The newspaper and all media should report facts and not pass any judgment or give their opinion. They should have also mention where they got the exact details from, since the man is dead, this could be the woman’s or the neighbour’s or the children’s version, it should have been mentioned.

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