Joru ka Gulam vs. Maa ka Laadla

All the characters in the article are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any living character. Any such resemblance whatsoever is purely co-incidental.

Jigar is the only child of his parents, brought up in a typical Indian household wherein the father is the breadwinner and the mother the homemaker. As a child, he spent more time with his mother and got attached with her more than his father. Often, his father’s friends would come at their place to play cards. Sometimes even Jigar used to be with them and he would see his father being bullied by his friends as “Joru ka Gulaam (Wife’s slave)”.

Young Jigar’s budding personality and psyche had a deep impact from these words. Because, though they were jokes cracked by his father’s friend, Jigar would see his father’s embarrassed face – as if caught, “Red-handed”. It created a story in his mind that being labeled, “Joru ka Gulam” is a bad thing and very demeaning and unbecoming of a man.

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