Marriage is a crime for men in India

Marriage – the most controversial social institution – has always been at the center-stage of debates. However, of late, since the last decade, a new trend of criminalizing marital disputes has begun. This trend has started victimizing the “Indian Husband” and his family in a big way and has resulted in,

  1. Skyrocketing expectations from men and nose-diving acceptance levels.
  2. Ever-increasing suicides by husbands – 6 times the rate they are born.
  3. Family-breaking.
  4. Child and elder abuse.
  5. Erosion of faith over the institution of marriage leading to promulgation of homosexual relationships, pre-marital sex, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.
  6. Increased juvenile crime.
  7. Drug abuse.
  8. Teenage pregnancies (the trend is catching up and no sooner would be a social reality in India).
  9. Resentment amongst affected, victimized and unheard men and their families towards the police, judiciary, the law and order system, the criminal justice system and the Govt. at large.
  10. Splurging divorce rates.

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