Press Release : Shoaib Case Created Dangerous Precedent


Subject: Section 498a must be scrapped by Indian Parliament on April 16th, otherwise Shoaib’s case will create a dangerous precedent.

Shoaib Malik reportedly gave 15 Crores (approx 3 million USD) to Ayesha Siddique for putting an end to their dispute after she files a complaint under section 498a of IPC. So, it is clear that the whole drama was for money and nothing else from the very beginning.

Out of court settlement under threats of jailing under section 498a are unconstitutional misuses of powers given to police. Marital disputes are civil disputes. They have to be solved in a civil court or a family court.

If marriage disputes are crimes, then marrying in itself is a crime.

Whether Shoaib’s marriage was valid or not, it was up to family court at Hyderabad to decide. Now, the police have acted as courts; dispensed “justice” by being actors in the dispute, in the settlement process and even created a hostage situation that forced Shoaib to give divorce, without anyone verifying, if his telephone marriage was valid or not in the first place.

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