Now a Men’s Rights Organisation’s Support for Shoaib

Bangalore: The Save Indian Family Foundation, a men’s right organisation fighting against misuse of marital laws and domestic violence act, today voiced its concern over section 498 A (harassment) of IPC being filed against Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and reiterated its demand for scrapping it.

“Marriage disputes before, during and after marriage are civil disputes and they have to be tried under a civil court. It has become a regular habit for women and their families to invoke section 498A for every petty dispute in marriage”, the organisation said in a release here.

“It is dangerous if every marriage or relationship dispute is considered a crime by the Government and it sends police to interrogate, counsel or settle these marital disputes. What crime did Shoaib Malik commit that he is victimised in this way?” SIFF activists asked.
“Whether the claims by Ayesha Siddiqui are false or true, that is up to a family court or civil court to decide and give a judgement”, it said.

The Government must scrap section 498 A of IPC on April 16 as soon as Parliament meets for Budget session.

Section 498A is the most misused,it said. In 2008, more than 81,000 cases were registered under the section which resulted in arrest of 37369 women and 127492 men.

“So far as Shoaib Malik is concerned, section 498A against him has to be dropped immediately and his passport returned to him”, it said.


One thought on “Now a Men’s Rights Organisation’s Support for Shoaib

  1. Shoib Malik’s single most biggest crime was that he dared to marry a 498A missiles ( an Indian Girl).

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