Kasab vs. Shoiab

Another interesting twist in Indo-Pak relations.

Pakistani Cricketer Shoiab Malik is greeted to India with a case under Section 498A of the India Penal Code.

See news link here.

Some interesting facts about the case:

1. The case is filed after 8 years of the alleged marriage – which Shoiab has been continuously denying!

2. The case is filed only when Shoiab’s potential marriage with Sania makes news!

3. Moreover, in her admissions so far, never has Ayesha talked about dowry harassment, but a case is filed!

Indian Govt. is dubiously famous for Section 498A. Even the highest Court, the Supreme Court has termed filing of Section 498A as “Legal Terrorism”.

On one hand, Kasab – accused of terrorism against India – is getting pampered by the Indian Govt. at the expense of the public exchequer and on the other hand, a reputed Pakistani Cricketer is pressed with a criminal case at the behest of a “Legal Terrorist”

Looks like the Indian Govt. is well trained to dance at the tunes, whims and fancies of terrorists of all categories.