An open letter to the male feminists

Male Feminists! – Does it sound like an oxymoron? How can males be feminists, especially when women fighting for women have accorded luxuriously demeaning and fancily derogatory tittles to men like “Male Chauvinist Pigs (MCP)”?

Well, there lies the catch. Most men, being victims of the “Looking Good Syndrome (LGS)” felt ashamed being called an MCP and that too by a woman – because for these so termed MCPs a woman is worse than a kid when it comes to being harassed. They can imagine almost any level of atrocity on the woman. And when the same women call these presumably and perceptively “Strong Men” as MCPs, it hurts their false ego and they become “Male Feminists” – put in other words as “Self-proclaimed Protectors of Women”.

In recent times, we had quite a few well known people falling victim to this vicious trap of the intra-war between Male-Ego and the Looking Good Syndrome as mentioned below,

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Helpline for male abuse victims

Scotland’s first helpline for male victims of domestic abuse has gone live.

Some 7,000 men reported being abused by their partner last year

The Men’s Advice Line is staffed by trained advisors who provide practical advice and emotional support to men who are abused by their partners.

About 7,000 men in Scotland reported being the victims of such abuse last year.

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AP ignores MHA guidelines on dowry cases

Written by DC Correspondent,

Hyderabad , April 26: Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which imposes stringent penalties on the husband and his relatives if they are found to be guilty in dowry related cases, had promised to be a boon for women. However, legal loopholes have led to rampant misuse of the legislation.

Dowry harassment is cognisable, non-compoundable and non-bailable. But allegations have surfaced for some time now that loopholes in the law have left it open to abuse and exploitation.

The ministry of home affairs (MHA) issued an advisory last month on dealing with dowry harassment cases under Section 498A of the IPC to prevent it being misused. But the state police is yet to begin the exercise of differentiating between real and false cases when affecting arrests. In its annual report 2009-10, the MHA has said: “MHA is of the view that 498A, the Dowry Prohibition Act and the Domestic Violence Act, which provide protection and legal remedies to women should not be tinkered with.

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TOI Exclusive – Her Wild Side

Her wild side

Men are giving in to depression and fighting an identity crisis as women unleash their violent side, says Nona Walia


Delhi, and he narrates how he was traumatised by his wife after she discovered he had one kidney. “She threw me out of my own house. Men in our country don’t cry and certainly never get beaten,” says the engineer, who works for an MNC in Bangalore.
These are educated, well-settled and independent men. Says Kiran Bedi, former police commissioner, “These cases are not any different from what causes violence in men against women. For an aggressive woman, it’s determined by the environment she grows up in. She is an equal now. In the beginning, it may be a gradual slip. Or one she feels powerless to resist.”
Every Sunday in Bangalore, Mithun Kumar, another man “abused” by his wife physically and verbally, counsels battered men. “We get five to six men every week coming to us for help. Men are petrified someone will ask, ‘Did you provoke your wife by doing something wrong?’” says Kumar, an IT professional.
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Consolidate media coverage for launch of SIF Rae-Bareilly Chapter

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The Times of India or The Times of Women?

Woman kills husband with a grinding stone

This is the feminist agenda of family breaking. Never allow men to complain, protect criminal minded women and project them as ablas, and always project women as victims even if she’s a bloody cold-blooded murderer.

And blame the man for “picking up” quarrel with the wife as if it was some stone lying on the ground waiting to be picked up.

Shame on Times of India for breaking Indian Families. Looks like its completely sold to the male-hater feminazis. Why not rename it to “The Times of Women” so that readers know what to expect.

Joru ka Gulam vs. Maa ka Laadla

All the characters in the article are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any living character. Any such resemblance whatsoever is purely co-incidental.

Jigar is the only child of his parents, brought up in a typical Indian household wherein the father is the breadwinner and the mother the homemaker. As a child, he spent more time with his mother and got attached with her more than his father. Often, his father’s friends would come at their place to play cards. Sometimes even Jigar used to be with them and he would see his father being bullied by his friends as “Joru ka Gulaam (Wife’s slave)”.

Young Jigar’s budding personality and psyche had a deep impact from these words. Because, though they were jokes cracked by his father’s friend, Jigar would see his father’s embarrassed face – as if caught, “Red-handed”. It created a story in his mind that being labeled, “Joru ka Gulam” is a bad thing and very demeaning and unbecoming of a man.

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