NCW wastes taxpayer’s money – Shut it down

See the below news,

Audit raps NCW for huge backlog, spendthrift ways

And the chairperson, Dr. Vyas cites, “lack of manpower” as excuse.

Now, already the existing short manpower is spending extra-money, one can only imagine the splurge with more “manpower”.

When will the NCW stop fooling the nation?

Already the uncalled for “Male-Hatred” that the NCW is spreading is contributing to 58000 husbands committing suicide every year and every 9 mins a married man succumbing to social injustices spearheaded by the NCW.

Not only that in the last 5 years (2004-2008) 160,00o innocent women (mothers, sisters and other female relatives of husbands) have been arrested, without trial or investigation, under the dubious Section 498A – totally unconstitutional law and subject to widespread misuse.

Has the NCW been created to spread injustices in the society?

Will this Govt. answer this question?


4 thoughts on “NCW wastes taxpayer’s money – Shut it down

  1. NCW is doing open day light dacoity, looting the national exchequer and pushing very men folk to suicide who contribute 80% of taxes.
    Its like men are paying for their own murderers and Govt is cordinating it through the NCW alais SUPARI KILLER of INDIAN MEN.


    NCW should be immediately shutdown and its office bearers punished for murdering the 56000 men

  2. SHAME NCW !


    NCW teaches wrong values of life to society.

    NCW is most corrupted organization in India.

  3. Nothing new the report of CAG had only spelt the obvious and hidden secret more than CAG audit in my opinion NCW must be forced for public audits of its work and expenses.

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