Anubha Sawhney Joshi is a male hater

Anubha Sawhney Joshi is a staunch male hater. In her recent article, she has alleged all mothers and sons of incest. Her article title itself suggests it.

The ‘other woman’ in man’s life – his mom!

Moreover, in her own words she says, “fighting for one absolutely ridiculous prize – the son.”

Now when, as per her own statement, when sons are absolutely ridiculous prize, then are not the women (the mother and the wife in her story) more ridiculous than the so called absolutely ridiculous son?

Well, this tells me the alarmingly low intellectual level of male hater feminist writers like her and TOI Crest allowing themselves to be used as channels of Mass Male Destruction.

Here is an article written by Uma Challa, just to counter you.



10 thoughts on “Anubha Sawhney Joshi is a male hater

  1. These days it is the wife who is the papa and mama’s girl and it the in laws of the husband who constantly interfere in the lives sometimes even seven seas far away.They normally brainwash the girl and teach her how to manipulate her husband and when this does not work teach her not to cooperate. The reason of too much interference by the wives MOM is the main reason of the breakdown of marraiges . Yes there is another woman , but that is mother of the wife.

    Anubha Sawhney Joshi is living in the stone age and is a clear case of militant feminism and misandry on display.

  2. Taking extreme/isolated cases and generalising it to the population is sycophancy, probably to please her feminazi bosses!. From her trash writing its clear that she has no sons or she will ensure that she not have one, lest she eats her own words!

  3. This Anubha seems to be a sick headed sadist and downtrodden feminist. She writes feminist articles to satisfy her greed to rise up the hierarchy at TOI. She does not realise that noone has time to read her useless crap. She is complexed. Please keep your children away from TOI and such sick minds.

  4. yeah these days women have become more powerful then men.But you must reinforce your beliefs in masculinity.It shows the rise of the vagina and its victory over the penis.moreover the idiot is and seems to be a hardcore feminist.She writes feminist articles to satisfy her greed to rise up the hierarchy at TOI.Keep away from Toi it is the deep rooted devil of society.

  5. Lagta hai yeh aurat paagal ho chuki hai. Badi he neech vichaar dhaara ki lagti hai yeh aurat anubha.aisi aurat ho ghar ki naukarani banana chaheye.Chee badi he ashleel laundi hai yeh joshi. Ram bachaye iskey gharaney ko.Chee chee chee. Gandi aurat hai yeh.

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