Dharna: 8th March:Fight against conspiracy to destroy the Family System of India

“Is the Pain of mother who has lost his son less than the mother who has lost his daughter”

In last 5 years, Indian government arrested 1,50,000 innocent mothers and sisters ? Even the barbaric British Government arrested only 20,000 women in 40 years.

Women Reservation: Another attempt by Indian Government to disempower the sons and brothers of Indian Women?

To address these burning questions, All India Forgotten Women and Mothers and Sisters Inititative (MASI) invite you to join us in the protest against misuse of women protection laws and Women’s Reservation Bill on International Women’s Day


4, Deendayal Upadhyay Marg (In front of National Commission for Women), New Delhi-2 on 08/03/10 from 11 to 3 PM

(Press Release at 1 pm)

Fight against conspiracy to destroy the Family System of India

We call upon the citizens and Government of India to recognize that:

1.    Promoting women’s welfare does not mean weakening and destroying marriage.

2.    Liberating women does not mean destroying their biological and social privileges of being a wife and a mother.

3.    Protecting women does not mean supporting misuse of the law, violating human rights and destroying families.

4.    Empowering women does not mean encouraging blackmail, extortion and parasitism by women.

5.    Encouraging women in all walks of life does not mean providing special privileges and lowered standards of performance.

Supported by: http://www.savefamily.org,http://www.saveindianfamily.org,http://mynation.net, ,http://www.protectindianfamily.com http://www.siftimes.com

Contact: 9929634611 (Anuradha Saraswat), 9899958040 (Mrs Kukreja) 9810452017 (Dr. Anupma Singh), 9818332305 (Neeraj), 9811052770 (Niladri).

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