NCW wastes taxpayer’s money – Shut it down

See the below news,

Audit raps NCW for huge backlog, spendthrift ways

And the chairperson, Dr. Vyas cites, “lack of manpower” as excuse.

Now, already the existing short manpower is spending extra-money, one can only imagine the splurge with more “manpower”.

When will the NCW stop fooling the nation?

Already the uncalled for “Male-Hatred” that the NCW is spreading is contributing to 58000 husbands committing suicide every year and every 9 mins a married man succumbing to social injustices spearheaded by the NCW.

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Anubha Sawhney Joshi is a male hater

Anubha Sawhney Joshi is a staunch male hater. In her recent article, she has alleged all mothers and sons of incest. Her article title itself suggests it.

The ‘other woman’ in man’s life – his mom!

Moreover, in her own words she says, “fighting for one absolutely ridiculous prize – the son.”

Now when, as per her own statement, when sons are absolutely ridiculous prize, then are not the women (the mother and the wife in her story) more ridiculous than the so called absolutely ridiculous son?

Well, this tells me the alarmingly low intellectual level of male hater feminist writers like her and TOI Crest allowing themselves to be used as channels of Mass Male Destruction.

Here is an article written by Uma Challa, just to counter you.


11 Famous Men Who Were Beaten Down By Their Women

  1. Abraham Lincoln: According to Michael Burlingame, a history professor at Connecticut College and the author of “The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln”, Mary Todd used to beat the hell out of Abe Lincoln. Apparently, one time, Abe didn’t put enough wood on a fire, so Mary Todd hit him with a log. Another time, Abe didn’t buy the right kind of meat for breakfast, so Mary Todd smacked him in the face and drew blood. By all reports, he hated his marriage; in 1864, he pardoned a Union soldier who abandoned the Army to marry his childhood sweetheart… and, while signing the pardon, Lincoln said, “I want to punish the young man. Probably in less than a year, he’ll wish I had withheld the pardon.
  2. Bobby Brown: Everyone thinks Bobby Brown used to hit Whitney Houston… but, according to Whitney herself, it was the opposite. In an interview with the AP 10 years ago, Whitney said, “Contrary to belief, I do the hitting, he doesn’t. He has never put his hands on me. We are crazy for one another. I mean crazy in love, love, love, love, love. When we’re fighting, it’s like that’s love for us. We’re fighting for our love.” Well, that DOES kind of sound like the greatest love of all. (Even better than learning to love yourself… the greatest love of all is learning to beat your husband because he got too handy during the filming of the “Humpin’ Around” video.)
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Male Missing or Missing Male?

This article is all about the conspicuous and visible absence of men in the society. When I say this, I refer to the increasing content in the media about women or only presenting the feminine side of the issue, completely ignoring the masculine side.

Before going into details, I will present here four such instances.

  1. Post-award, farmer wife becomes former wife is a news item that reportedly talks about a wife being, ‘deserted’ by her husband as she traveled to collect some award for farming with male officials. The entire presentation of the article has been done entirely from the wife’s side. Article says the wife reported she wasn’t allowed to enter the home after she returned and she does not know the reason. There is no corroboration to wife’s allegations on husband and her statement has been taken as Gospel truth and the husband has been crucified publically on the front page of all editions of the DNA. It is not only a media-trial; it’s a MEDIA CONVICTION. Punishment without being heard. The question here is why is the husband’s (read male’s) version completely missing in the news? Male Missing!
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The Divorce Cake

If the euphoria of male-hatred unleashed by Feminists all over the world is not checked upon, these cakes will become a reality or it has already become?

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Communique voices Men’s issues

Communique is a magazine circulated in the legal fraternity. The latest edition of the Communique carried an article about the high number of suicides committed by married men.

Read the article here.

Men lose 20 Million years of life in a decade

A recent article in the Times of India titled, “Steadily falling infant deaths show a sudden rise in ’09” talked of rising infant deaths in the Mumbai city for the year 2009. The article had some interesting observations to offer. The figures that came out in the article are given below for ready reference.

S. No. Gender Total Births Total Deaths %age
1 Male 91,355 3,128 3.42
2 Female 83,943 2,738 3.26
3 Both (Total) 1,75,298 5,866 3.35

Some interesting observations,

  1. 1. Male infant deaths are 0.07% higher over the total average.
  2. Female infant deaths are 0.09% lower over the total average.
  3. Male infant deaths are 0.16% higher above female infant deaths on a pro-rated basis.

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