Sachin Tendulkar – Double Century or Double Standards?

Well today, 24th Feb 2010, Sachin Tendulkar – the living cricket legend made history. He scored the first double century in One Day International (ODI) cricket. No one has ever created such a record in cricketing history so far.

But one day before that, Sachin did something more remarkable. He made a statement that is going to create more problems for men in the society. He promoted “Legal Terrorism”.

The title says, “Sachin bats for campaign against Domestic Violence” but in reality it ignores the male victims of domestic violence and men falsely accused of domestic violence by their wives. I would like to bring forth certain facts here.

1. The statistics that, “one in three married women reporting some form of abuse” is not true and has no factual backing. It is a myth propagated by male-haters to make hay out of the Domestic Violence Industry. Using these statement feminists organizations get millions of dollars from western agencies like USAID, UNIFEM, UNICEF, etc. to break the Indian family system and castrate Indian men and their families and infringe upon their civil liberties.

2. The “Family Violence Prevention Fund” which is backing the initiative endorsed by Sachin is also vouching for iVAWA – International Violence against Women Act – which is an extended of the failed VAWA experiment in the US which has completely ruined the American society. And now that Sachin Tendulkar is endorsing a project backed by them, what does it tell of Sachin’s integrity?

3. Sachin Tendulkar knows that his cricketing career is coming to end and therefore he will need some social support after the cricket is over. So why not speak about something that is so politically correct, howsoever hollow and invalid, who cares?

Sachin is a respectable celebrity and he should not make statements without properly verifying them.

Did he bother to know the condition of men in the society before starting on the mission-de-social service to counsel men on, “how to behave with women?” Who is going to teach women how to behave with men? How not to ruin life of men with false allegations? How not to take advantage of men and treat them as FREE ATM MACHINE and UNPAID BODYGUARDS?

Does Sachin know that men commit double the number of suicides compared to women in every category and social strata? In fact “Every 9 minutes a married man commits suicide in India”. Does Sachin know that in India men do not have a welfare ministry even when animals have?

Sachin says he will endorse “Coaching boys to men”. Does he know that boys are emotionally castrated right from the age of 6, suppressing their emotions? Why not counsel those who castrate a boy’s emotions? And how can a boy be counseled to become a man whose emotions are castrated right from the tender age of 6?

Does Sachin know that the society treats men as disposable? In fact, male disposability is a social norm as explained at, Male Disposability – Myth or Reality?

Without knowing the above ground realties, basic psychological facts and true statistics, how can Sachin make such statements?

Is it not double standards by Sachin?

Should we celebrate the double century by him condemn his double standards?


3 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar – Double Century or Double Standards?

  1. Boman Irani rings the Bell.
    Sachin bats for women as well.
    Men may not show and tell,
    But abuse by women hurts like hell.

    Domestic Violence is not a gender issue!
    It affects men and boys too!

  2. Женщины не ищут, а выбирают…ВЫБИРАЮ мужчину от 21 до 32, женщину от 35 до 55…Самодостаточную Никаких резюме по анкете) Разбалована наслаждениями, умею и люблю наслаждать…) Люблю разврат….Люблю лизать яички и попу…. также когда трахают мои дырочки. Могу поучавствовать в групповушке. Только реальные встречи. Ориентация: Би Телефон так вот сразу не даю. Большая просьба пишите для начала исключительно на анкету!!!!

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