Bhavya Foundation Poll Result: Keep India out of iVAWA

Sub: Result of online poll conducted by Bhavya Foundation on implementation of I-VAWA

Bhavya Foundation is a registered NGO works for the welfare of child in general and children caught in a matrimonial dispute of their parents in particular. Foundation specially creates awareness in matters of Fatherless Children. Bhavya Foundation is headquartered at Rai-Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was founded on 10th August 2009. Its launch was aptly covered by the media as shown here.

Responding to media reports about the proposed law, “International Violence against Women Act (I-VAWA)” to be introduced soon in the U.S. senate and the cabinet, Bhavya Foundation, carried out an online poll. The U.S. Govt. is said to release $ 1 Billion for implementing the law in various countries including India. This will give Indian feminists a couple of million dollars to spread more anti-male agenda in order to justify the existence of the law.

Realizing that the implementation of such a law will promote family breaking in India and will lead to more fatherless children, Bhavya Foundation has joined the online protest launched by the Indian Affiliate Chapter of the Association for International Men’s Rights Activism and Welfare (AIMRAW), details of which can be found at, “Exclude India from I-VAWA”.

In its initiative to stop spreading of further male-hatred in the society under the guise of implementation of the I-VAWA act and saving more children from becoming fatherless, Bhavya Foundation carried out an online poll. The question asked in the poll was,

Will implementation of iVAWA in USA promote fatherless society in India?

And the options were,

  1. Yes, definitely it will.
  2. No, in no way.
  3. Can’t say.

98.3% of the voters feel that the implementation I-VAWA in USA will definitely promote fatherless society in India.

Some of the voters have left their comments as well, the gist of which is as follows,

  1. Already Section 498A and the Domestic Violence has broken enough families, created enough fatherless families, now the US should not do more such damage by introducing I-VAWA.
  2. President Obama talks of importance of fathers on Father’s Day and his Govt. is promoting fatherless society in India, this is double standards.
  3. India is ahead of the US in implementing anti-male laws. It has passed a law (Section 498A) that mandates arrest on a complaint by married woman 11 years before the US implemented the VAWA Act. The VAWA act came in the US in 1994, whereas Section 498A came in 1983 in India and hence US should not feel it is the champion of anti-male laws and should stay out of India.

The poll results and the comments clearly indicate that the Indian citizenry is not ready for another gender biased anti-male law like the I-VAWA and India should be excluded from it.

Bhavya Foundation, based on the poll result, urges the US to exclude India from I-VAWA and to not to indulge in promoting “Legal Terrorism” and “Fatherless Society” in India.


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