Keep India out of I-VAWA

This is a warning to the U.S. Senate to keep India out of I-VAWA. Already, Indian equivalent of VAWA has done a lot of social damage in India which is clearly visible at Save Indian Family Foundation’s Website. Any further damage to Indian men, societies and families due to I-VAWA will make U.S. responsible and accountable for exporting Legal Terrorism to India. Choice lies with U.S.

A massive online protest has been launched against I-VAWA at Protest Against I-VAWA.


One thought on “Keep India out of I-VAWA

  1. Too late VAWA has been extremely successful in the west and with co-opted Indian global ad-ministerial positions created laughing all the way to their personal banks for espousing these global policies. CAFR guidance and under personal power trips these socially autistic individuals look at global demographics, population policies and worse doctrines of necessity. There is nothing worse than the ignoramous bureaucrat teaching the ignorant. People would be actually amazed at how many policy decisions are not made by those independent so called thinking individuals but from washington DC (UN) and downing street.

    One of the most homogeneous and socially advanced cultures prior to western industrialized influences was the Indian culture, despite claims to the contrary, especially given the gullibility of the modern human condition. The culture of Indian society worked and worked very well. That is until now and under Biden’s direction along with subscribing committees we should soon be seeing some more radical policies. I have a family history going back a thousand years, under IVawa everyone will become just a product of international commerce, and females will be exploited under the guise of their own freedom, from parenthood, marriage and personal social contracts to become just another resource for profit. The future is very bleak under the successive implementation s of this policy. As ultimately children will become a resource controlled by the state, and their parents expendable. We would not like to teach people that they have minds or any independence whatsoever from state control.

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