Now Husbands are filing dowry cases

Poonam Pandey

New Delhi: Fed up facing dowry harassment and domestic violence cases from their wives, husbands are now filing cases of dowry giving on their wives and in-laws. As per them, since both dowry giving and dowry taking are equal crimes as per law and their wives have admitted on their own accord that they gave dowry to their husbands, suitable legal action should be initiated against the wives as well.

As per Save Family Foundation, it all started in Lucknow with a husband there filing a case of dowry giving against his wife. Thereafter the trend caught up with Delhi where, till date, close to 16 husbands have registered such cases. In some cases, suitable legal action has also been taken. Then in Bengaluru and Chennai, some husbands got these cases registered. Now this trend has reached Odisha. This is first time in Odisha. Mithun Kumar, Tarun Kumar Dass and Arun Dash have registered complaints against their wives and in-laws in Bhubhaneshwar. They have alleged dowry giving which is a criminal offense.

Mithun Kumar told NBT that when his wife lodged a case under section 498A of the IPC and the Domestic Violence Act, then he and his parents were immediately arrested without any verification of the complaint. As per Section 3, Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 Dowry Giving is as serious a crime as Dowry Taking. Hence I have complained of Dowry Giving against my wife.

Mithun, Tarun and Arun say that the police are not cooperating with them. When we approached the police to get our FIRs registered, they not only rejected our complaints outright, but also did not reply to our RTIs. Exasperated we knocked the doors of the courts. Listening to our arguments and taking cognizance of the matter, the judges then ordered the police to investigate and submit report.

It is worthwhile to mention here that in its landmark judgment the Delhi High Court has ordered that cases should be registered against dowry givers as well and their income tax returns should also be verified to substantiate the huge claims of dowry given by them, sometimes amounting to the tune of lakhs and crores.


5 thoughts on “Now Husbands are filing dowry cases

  1. It is really heartening that women are getting beaten by the same iron rod they have used to hit at the men / husbands i.e. Dowry charge. But it is also sad that men are having to face prosecution / false charge of taking Dowry when they haven’t and are spotless.

    But, I am bit in dilemma is it not a kind of tacit approval that we ( the husband and in-laws ) have accepted Dowry though in reality we haven’t ? What is the way out without accepting the allegation?

  2. All the persons must be encouraged to file the case against the in-laws. BTW, NCW is passing the motion to exclude the dowry givers from the crime of DP3, which is still not successful.

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