Shut down the misleading Women and Child Development Ministry

Recently, the Women and Child Development Ministry (WCD) has been shouting a lot about female feticide. And they are engrossed in the noise-creation to such a level that they could not even distinguish between Indian and Pakistani army Chiefs and included one of Pakistani Army Chief’s photos in one of their ads on female feticide.

It caused such a national shame that the PMO had to issue apology which was indeed awkward. When the blunder was performed by the WCD, ideally the responsibility of failure should also have been owned up by them, but unfortunately in India, females are used to a lot of pampering, and so the Protector PMO covered up for the national shame caused by the WCD.

As if that wasn’t enough, recently the WCD is giving ad about female feticide on television, radio, etc, saying, “Is it not worth worrying that there are only 960 females for 1000 males”.

Now, that’s a new one; a misleading stunt to garner sympathy on women’s issues and gather funds. The Natural Human Sex Ratio is 1.1. That means,960 females (as reported by the WCD), there should have been 1056 males but there are only 1000 males. So can the WCD ministry tell, whether it’s a matter of concern for males or females?

Is it not time to shut down the misleading Women and Child Development Ministry?


2 thoughts on “Shut down the misleading Women and Child Development Ministry

  1. Ridiculous!!! Their motto is to grab the money and grant. Most busy in hushing up the money. Surely, nothing to think about the actual welfare of their respective work.

  2. There is apology by PMO but what about the accountability? Is this the way WCD works? With such POOR IQ, GK and carelessness, what Ministry are they running, could be well gauged.
    What about the wasteful expenditure made by WCD of the public money in this case? The money wasted in this Ad should be recovered from the Minister and the Secy., WCD. If the money is not recovered, the matter should be referred to CAG.

    Talking about the gender ratio, your research is very informative and timely.And as per that, it is matter a concern for the males and not the women. And with the awareness of the women favoured laws, more and more people are already preferring females to males. The famous Bollywood actress Ms. Sushmita Sen had the laws amended / obtain a court order, to adopt a second female child whereas as per law, it was not permissible to adopt two child of the same gender. It is not only a biased attitude of Sushmita Sen ( and there are many like her ) but also a sign of things to appear in future.

    Girl child has already become the choice of the time.

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