Readers Response to Bindass Poll on “Do not Indian Girls lie?”

Original Comments.

Translation :-

We had asked you whether you agree with the Supreme Court’s observation that women do not lie in matters like rape. In this, we have received a huge response and the balance is tilted away from the 50-50 mark. Many people say that the Supreme Court is right but should be more careful with people who misuse such a situation.

Do not Indian Girls Lie?

  1. It is not at all true that women do not lie. 85% women lie. All laws favor them. There is no responsibility on women whether it’s a rape case or a marital dispute. They can even misuse the law for their own selfish agenda. – Nadeem, Bhajanpura.
  2. Women do lie in some matters. I have suffered. A woman alleged me in a park of Sector – 7, Rohini. Majority of the by-standers knew the woman was lying. Had it not been for the police who interrogated a bit, truth would have never come out. – Parveen Gupta, Rohini.
  3. We have the case of the air-hostess of Air India. She also lodged a false complaint of molestation. Scores of false cases of dowry harassment further substantiate this fact. Most laws favor women. This is total injustice with men. – Anul.
  4. You can visit any meeting of Save Indian Family (SIF) and you will get to listen to hundreds of cases where men have been falsely accused by women. – Srinivas.
  5. If it is accepted then women will take undue advantage of this observation. If a man is falsely accused in rape then there is no way to help him. Police reforms are also absolutely necessary along with judicial reforms. Strict punishment should be enacted for filing false cases. – Virag, Bengaluru.
  6. Women often do not lie in matters like rape. This is related to their virginity. In fact, many women who face the abuse do not report at all. Because neither are such cases lodged easily nor the decisions come in a timely manner. There is a percentage of such matters which are used to earn money by false cases. Manu Sharma, Delhi.
  7. Agree with the observation of the Supreme Court. But there are exceptions as well. Some people can misuse the available authority for personal gains. Achin Gupta.

3 thoughts on “Readers Response to Bindass Poll on “Do not Indian Girls lie?”

  1. Yes, they do, due to no consequences.

    It ruins men’s lives, even if they are exhonerated, or never brought to trial.

    Seattle, USA

  2. All the women who are filing false cases are liers. Women who are not afrid of society lie. Women who are extremists lie. Women who are supported by unscrupulous fathers / mothers / brothers /sisters/ frineds / selfish lawyers/corrup police lie. TV channels that magnify women issues to attract women spectators make more women liers. Womens who are politicians lie.
    Women who develop vengeyance lie about thier partner. Women keep on lieing as long as society/govt does not see it as a serious problem.

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