Do Not Indian Girls Lie?

Do NotIndian girls Lie

Written by Poonam Pandey

New Delhi: Do Indian girls lie about sexual attacks? Do they complain only when the crime happens? The SC recently ruled that no woman will lie about social assault given the social stigma attached to it. However, many rape cases have proven false later.

A 2 judge bench of the SC observed that the Indian society is not as modern as the western countries. A woman victimized by a sexual attack is so much afraid of social criticism that resorts to lodging a complaint only as a last resort. She complains only if the offense has actually taken place. But in many cases the women themselves have ripped apart this confidence of the SC. Recently in September 2009, Delhi Sessions judge Nivedita Anil Sharma ordered criminal proceedings to be initiated against a woman and her daughter as the duo had trapped a man in a false rape case and later retracted.

An activist fighting for support of industrialization in Jaipur was trapped in a rape case by a woman, however later, polygraph tests proved her wrong. In 2008, a woman in Panaji implicated her neighbor accusing him of rape and fathering her child. Later DNA tests proved that the father of the child was someone else. In April 2009, Delhi police arrested a 38 year old woman who used to trap men in false rape cases and extort money from them. She was a member of a gang.

All India Men’s Welfare Association’s founder member Virag Dhulia’s views on these false cases and SC’s statement that creating an atmosphere that a woman does not lie will lead to oppression of men. The courts are giving yet another weapon in the hands of women which they can misuse against men and false cases will rise with this.

SC Advocate Meenakshi Lekhi observes that whatever the court said was from generic points of view that in most such cases women don’t lie. If one out of thousand women is lying then it also means that others are speaking truth. Women’s Activist Anjali Sinha says that we must support whatever the court said. Exceptions are there in every matter. Anyways only 4 out of 100 rape cases are registered. In such a situation we need to create an atmosphere in favor of women. This way the complainant will get inspiration to come forward and complain. Otherwise the accused will try from the very beginning to prove the case as false.


7 thoughts on “Do Not Indian Girls Lie?

  1. In Mahabharata Kunti about her sexual escapades wih surya and Karna suffered because of that . Who the hell says this does not happen in India ? What sort of moron judges pass this sort of judgments .

  2. Assumption based on the sex of a person shows judicial bias. Judgment must be passed based upon merits and evidences, not on presumed opinion.
    This judgment is a boon to the kakeyis, soorpanakhas of the society who will misuse the overburdened judiciary by filing false cases.

  3. 2 judges cant’be representaives of India for any decision makinmg making.

    dear Sirs, Letter to Mrs Sonia Rajiv Gandhi alone will help and not letters to Sri. Veerapa Moily or P Chidamabaram. Hence we can write to Madam. Once we SHOW OUR STRENGTH-VOTE POLITICS STRENGTH, all rulers, police, judges, Media will accept our Gender Neutral ideas instead of biasing with Pro-Women fanatics.

  4. This is heights of misuse of gender ….

    “To Err is Human” , Either of the Three sex’s can lie to any extent … Some 2 0r a bench of judges cannot sit and propose an Law just with a cup of tea …

    And there has been already many instances to prove that some women are taking Such gender bias laws and harassing the lives of many Men and familes of Men which includes (women too), coz if a humanbeing is harassed, their entire family get harassed …

    I would recommend there should be a detailed study done before any such law gets into effect and then get into practise

    I have few questions for those great judges here :

    1. if he thinks that a women can’t lie about being molested, then Sir why have the adultery cases among married women increased today?
    2. if indian women think “Sex” as so divine and if they belive its divine, why are the Divorcee cases/498/…*** increased 10 folds today (a lot of divorce cases today in bangalore are initaited by women)?
    3. And a couple of years back evrybody knows Madam K*** and other feminists openly made a statement that ” In these days Dont expect Marriage to/with a Virgin Girl” as we have become a developed country ….etc?

    So Mr. Judge please re think on statements and i hope everyone who thinks “indian girls dont lie” that One such liar drops in their family

  5. People like SC Judges holding high constitutional posts should not give such general statements that ” Women do not lie” Only recently the CJI said in a NCW seminar that most of the 498A cases are false.Therefore, the SC judges should not give contradictory statements at the drop of a hat.They should project the real picture based on evidence, just what the CJI dared to do at the NCW seminar.

    Charges of rape are very serious and there are abundant false rape cases.A false charge of rape devastates the person and the family and it takes years to prove innocence. Therefore, simply using the theory that women do not lie, in deciding such allegations is wrong, illegal and biased.

    I am sure if the new “Molestation law” as proposed by NCW is passed, it will create havoc in the society.We need to resist it for the good of the society.

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