Law Used Wrongly or Wrong Law Used

Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) – the most notorious and draconian law – has been controversy’s favorite child. Even before the society started speaking against it, the Govt. had already started doing so.

The Honorable Supreme Court of India through its landmark judgment Joginder Kumar vs. Union of India had instructed the Govt. of India to notify all the police stations to not to arrest people implicated under Section 498A without proper investigation and without the involvement of an officer of the level of DCP.

Unless the Indian police was in the practice of arresting innocents, there was no need for this judgment. This was a clear indication that section 498A was causing social unrest.

The Malimath Committee headed by Dr. Justice V S Malimath in its report of 2003 titled “Reforms in Criminal Justice System”, had made a recommendation for Section 498A to be made bailable and non-cognizable.

Unless the non-bailable and cognizable nature of Section 498A was causing problems, there was no need for the Committee to come up with this recommendation.

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Male prostitution, it’s common!

Written by Joeanna Rebello

From gigolos to strippers, nautch dancers to maalishwalas, male prostitution is becoming alarmingly common. However, it’s still a phenomenon that’s pretty much swept under the carpet

Every month, about eight to 12 boys under 18 arrive in Mumbai from the hinterland to work as ‘masseurs’ (read commercial sex workers). They land here with correct estimates of the money they stand to make, but cloudy ideas about the job description. Few can guess how prostitution will transform them psychologically, socially and perhaps even physically.

That’s when non-profit Samabhavana Society steps in to elaborate in graphic detail such occupational hazards. “We advise them to go back home,” says Jasmir Thakur, Secretary & EO of Samabhavana, “but they say they will only give simple massages and not have sex with clients, no matter what.” Jasmir then pulls out the props. He holds out a wad of Rs 1,000 to the boys – a denomination they’ve rarely ever touched – and questions whether their self-made stipulation would hold fast before such bait. “We show the 12-year-old a condom and ask if it would even fit him. We show him a dildo and ask him to imagine what it would be like to have anal sex with a client. We show him pictures of men with Sexually Transmitted Infections and of men with AIDS and tell him that could happen to him without a condom. That they could die before they hit adulthood,” finishes Jasmir with some sweat. So does the spiel work? He pauses, as if considering the futility, and then smiles resignedly, “No,” he says. “They never go back. I can’t fight poverty and hunger with fear, and I certainly can’t do it alone.”

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A booming Industry – The Notorious Section 498A

Written by Nivedita Choudhuri

It was a mellow evening. I was chatting to a friend I had not seen for ages. He looked a bit disturbed, which was quite unusual for a person who is always full of beans. When I asked him what the matter was, he told me he had read something in the newspaper that morning that had made him uneasy. It was the tragic story of a 71-year-old man who had committed suicide after his daughter-in-law threatened to file police complaints against him and his son under Sec 498A IPC (commonly known as the dowry law).
My friend then told me about another article he had read on the rampant misuse of the dowry law in India. “It makes me wonder if 498A and its related operations should henceforth be referred to as 498A India Ltd,” he mused. “If the government wanted to list 498A India Ltd in any of the stock exchanges today, it would certainly be listed as a Navratna company.”
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Misandry in Sweden and Julian Assange’s tryst with it

A letter from a men’s rights activist in Sweden to the world about the hell called feminism in Sweden. Read it to know the reality.

Julian Assange had his own personal tragedy which turned his brown hair white. Julian Assange was born in 1971, in Australia. When Assange’s girlfriend gave birth to a child, he wanted to get custody of the kid. Assange fought a long and futile battle in the courts for custody and lost. The sum total of Assange’s experiences may have embittered him to all forms of authority. That could have been the premises for his desire to expose information.

And regarding the rape accusations made by the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny. Ny is working in something the prosecution office calls “development department”. What they are developing are new even harder and deeply disturbing rape laws. This is something Marianne Ny and her sisters has worked to achieve for a long time. If they can convict Assange of “sex by accident“, they will be able to pass this new bill. They are already planning the construction of more prisons. I think they underestimated the number of people that saw through this though. They are used to get away with this. In Sweden the media is now writing about the “horrible hate against women that spreads on the net“. Either they are just plain stupid, brainwashed, or they are willfully spreading lies and propaganda. They have for years. That is why I think this new kind of journalism is a breath of fresh air. They are publishing a lot of damaging documents about Sweden too. And I have a field day every time another hypocrite gets exposed. This runs deeper than feminism. This corruption goes all the way to the top.

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Men should get a separate coach in Metro

Original Article.


New Delhi: An organization fighting for men’s rights has demanded a separate coach for men in metro trains.

The organization is of the view that men are not safe in Metro trains and hence there must be a separate coach for men in metro. In a petition addressed to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), and copied to the PMO, the Home Ministry and the Rail Ministry, the organization has sought public apology from DMRC as it has failed to provide a safe travel environment to its male passengers.

The organization by the name of National Coalition for Men has sent this petition citing an incident of last week wherein male passengers who had inadvertently stepped into a coach reserved for women were beaten up by the security staff.

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Letter to Delhi Metro demanding “Male-Only” coaches

The General Manager
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
Metro Bhawan
Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi – 110001, India

Sub: Demand for Male-Only coaches in Delhi Metro in wake of violence against men in metro.

Respected Sir/Madam,

National Coalition for Men (NCFM), India is the India division of National Coalition for Men, the oldest men’s rights organization in the United States of America. NCFM, India is responsible for creating awareness about how sex discrimination affects men and boys and is actively involved in lobbying with the various government agencies for issues pertaining to male abuse and men’s rights.

Recently, there have been some disturbing media reports about how innocent men have been beaten up in Delhi Metro on November 26, 2010 and thereafter the incident repeated itself in many places including Gurgaon. And the reason cited for that is that the male passengers had alighted the coaches reserved for women.

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Why not have “Male-Only” Coaches in all transport modes

Recently innocent men were beaten up by women as they mistakenly entered some coaches reserved for women. Without understanding the practical problems involved therein, innocent men were bashed up by not only women passengers but also by the police and the misandrist media hailed it as a BOLD act of Women Empowerment.

Without going into the morality and validity of reservation for women in an era when we legally deny basic human rights to men in the name of “Gender Equality”, this act of Violence is downright barbaric and condemnable. So my question is, in order to provide protection, security and a safe environment to the male passengers, why can’t we have “male-only” coaches in all modes of transport to avoid unwarranted male-bashing? Feel free to put your views in comment.

See the video down below.

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