Allow Daughters to take responsibility legally

Seeing the news article, Moms held for bid to swap babies, I noticed one interesting thing, “One of the women, who has two daughters, wanted a male child while the other, who has a son, wanted a girl”.

One might argue that it is such attitude that leads to “Female Feticide”, however, “Reality is seldom the same as perception”, like the perception that women are the oppressed lot and the reality that men commit more suicides.

Similarly, in the area of female feticide, it is a perception that it happens because a daughter is a burden and people tend to have sons, however, that is not the reality.

If we note carefully Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) allows parents to seek maintenance from sons only and not from daughters. Thus, no parent can legally enforce a daughter to take care of them in old age, even if the daughter wants to and the couple has no son.

It is but obvious that anyone would vouch for a son, after all, who would want a child who cannot be enforced legally to take responsibility when expected. It is not that people have some extra love for sons; it is just that the society wants a DISPOSABLE MALE to discharge all the duties and responsibilities.

If daughters are allowed to take responsibility legally, not only will the problem of female feticide be addressed effectively, men will also get “Freedom of Choices”, currently lacking in their gender role in the society.

Women’s activist, instead of suggesting effective solutions for addressing the problem of the skewed gender ratio, indulged in rhetoric and large-scale male bashing. They used the issue of skewed gender ratio as a journey to achieve the destination of biased, gender obsessed, and unconstitutional anti-male laws to castrate men and in turn led to a society where all laws are protecting women while men are committing suicides in skyrocketing numbers burdened in a society that does not accept them and only expects from them and at the same time no improvement in the skewed gender ratio as well.

It clearly tells us that women’s activists have miserable failed in their projected objective and the only way to solve the crisis is to allow women to take responsibility legally.


2 thoughts on “Allow Daughters to take responsibility legally

  1. im not sure its disposiblity because its a way to honor their parents. the daughter will leave and be taken in by her husband. im pretty sure she helps her husband take care of the parents.

    • That’s a good dream. And where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are enough sons who even if they do not stay with their parents, do take care of them and support them. Women also can do the same.

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